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“The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T. make music which pumps and squelches like meat in a grinder”

Their recipe for making music starts with matching ASR-10’s fed through a chain of resonant and envelope filters run by their home made controllers. This is then poured over a thick buzzing bassline before being served up with a side dish of electro beats. They rarely use sampled loops, instead preferring to create beats from scratch. This is done by Jasper with Adam bringing the ‘musical’ element to tracks.

Formed in 1994, 5000 Fingers of Dr T became a regular fixture in the Sydney underground techno scene. Their musical development has taken them from their roots in funky, acidic techno through to ambient and weird excursions, and then to a fresh up front dance sound which is pure vibe. Adam and Jasper both have a lengthy history in the electronic arts and computing industry with Adam being one of Australia’s first video game software designers while still only in High School.

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Posted by Manager   @   15 April 2010

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Dec 15, 2010
3:37 am
#1 Forrest :

I saw you guys live in Sydney, Spring 2001 – It was an amazing show. I always try to describe your setup to friends; how you cleverly avoided “Hunchback Syndrome” through the use of your very large and active controllers.
Do you have any video clips of your live shows like this? You should show them off!

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