The purpose of this document is to clarify Clan Analogue’s policy on web user data and privacy; to explain what data we collect and how we use it.
This statement is liable to change, and users who are concerned about these matters are advised to check this document on the Clan Analogue website whenever relevant. On an ongoing basis however, Clan Analogue will maintain a general policy of only gathering user data that is strictly relevant to the activities of the collective and the label, of protecting that data and never sharing it with a third party, and of using it only for internal purposes which are necessary for the normal running of Clan Analogue and its online platforms.
Questions about this privacy statement should be addressed to

This document relates only to the Clan Analogue website and to Clan Analogue’s email newsletters.

Website account registration and newsletters
In order for users to be able to access music and other content via Clan Analogue’s website we utilise the platforms provided by 3rd parties such, though not limited to, Paypal, Bandcamp, iTunes, Google, Soundcloud, Beatport, Spotify and other online music platforms. Any interaction with these 3rd-party services is made clear to the user and the conditions of use of these services are determined by those platforms. The use of these platforms is not conditional on user access to content on Clan Analogue’s website.

Clan Analogue also utilises third-party social media platforms to communicate with the public and interested parties. These platforms include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Any interaction with these third-party social media platforms is made clear to the user and is covered by the terms of those platforms. Use of third-party platforms is not entailed by user interaction with Clan Analogue’s website.

In order to receive direct email updates from Clan Analogue on its activities and news, Clan Analogue’s website users are able to register their email address with Clan Analogue via its website. This user data is stored in Clan Analogue’s web databases, and is used solely for the distribution of Clan Analogue’s newsletters. Clan Analogue only uses website account data for these internal purposes, and does not share this data with any third party. Registered users can manage their email options, including opting out of receiving newsletters, via their account.

Financial data
Clan Analogue does not keep any financial data in its web databases: transactions are all processed by third-party services such as Paypal.

Cookies are small pieces of text which are downloaded and stored by your web browser when you visit a website. Most websites use them. They are useful for a number of basic aspects of web functionality. Most importantly, the presence of a specific cookie in a web browser’s requests can enable a website to identify those requests with a single user, rather than treating them all as completely separate and anonymous. This can be important, for example, in enabling you to log into and navigate around admininistration sections of website pages. Clan Analogue uses cookies in this way only for members with author access.
Cookies can, however, also be used by third parties to track the internet usage of individuals in order to, for example, target advertising at them; this has raised some concern about violations of privacy, and it is now UK and EU law that websites request permission from users for the placement of such cookies. Clan Analogue does not use cookies in this way.

Email addresses
Clan Analogue uses the WordPress plugin MailPoet to manage its email subscriptions for a newsletter that is for strictly the purpose of informing subscribers about music events, music releases or any other music related news that may be of interest. Any email address collected for this newsletter is stored on the webserver running this site and will never under any circumstances be sold or forwarded to a third party.

IP addresses
Clan Analogue logs IP addresses as part of standard webserver usage statistics gathering.

Accepting this statement
Accepting this statement is a condition of use of the Clan Analogue website, and continued use of this site will be taken as acceptance of this privacy statement.