CA060: David Prescott-Steed | Shadow Music

Prescott-Steed plants shadows in eardrums Shadow Music by David Prescott-Steed Melbourne electroacoustic sound artist David Prescott-Steed releases his first album on Australia’s legendary Clan Analogue,… Read more

CA059A: Valley Forge | Alright

Valley Forge return and announce it’s Alright After more than a decade of silence, Valley Forge are back with a new release, the new EP… Read more

Volunteers wanted to test Future Security Agency audio

Volunteers wanted to test Future Security Agency audio – are you eligible? Do you have the aptitude to hear the decrypted Future Security Agency data?… Read more

The independent 2000s – now on Bandcamp

In the early years of the twenty-first century various Australian music distributors sadly wound up their operations as the music industry continued its journey into… Read more

CA058B: Cognition 3031: Further Deviations | Various Artists

Clan Analogue continue their epic TB-303 exploration Following in the sequence steps of Cognition 303: Bassline Deviations – now up the squelch with Cognition 3031:… Read more

CA058: Cognition 303: Bassline Deviations | Various Artists

Clan Analogue celebrate 30 Years and the TB-303! Two events, from 40 years ago and 30 years ago, seemingly unrelated yet completely intertwined, are celebrated… Read more

CA057H: Dylan Beast | How Long

Melbourne singer/songwriter Dylan Beast unveils his new industrial electronic rock sound with the three-track single How Long out now on Australia’s Clan Analogue label. How… Read more

CA056P: Future Security Agency | Partial Decryptions

A statement from Clan Analogue regarding recently decrypted data On July 25th 2021, Clan Analogue were contacted by an anonymous source asking for assistance in… Read more

30 Years of Clan Analogue in 2022

Clan Analogue are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2022, with events organised for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in October and some great new releases scheduled… Read more

Clan Analogue T-Shirts

Back by popular demand, black Clan Analogue t-shirts are on sale again. Featuring the modern Clan Analogue floppydisc logo designed by Shaw Cunningham, these t-shirts… Read more