We want your TB-303

Clan Analogue are looking for tracks for their latest compilation album, a celebration of the Roland TB-303.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this classic instrument, Clan Analogue are looking for new explorations of the 303 sound.

Whether you use Roland’s latest TB-03, one of the many hardware clones, a VST emulation, something you’ve coded yourself, or you’re lucky enough to own an original early-80s model, your contributions are welcome. We certainly love acid, and are also interested in any musical styles that can accommodate squelches, bleeps or whatever sound you can produce with a 303!

Submissions are being accepted up until the 31st of May.

Please make sure you check the following points:

  • For this album we are only accepting submissions from Australian artists
  • We are also wanting new work that has not been released elsewhere.
  • We also would like you submit a 30-second video of yourself in the studio cranking out your 303 sounds for the track – this doesn’t need to be professionally produced, just capture the vibe of what you are doing.
  • We would like a wav file submitted for consideration by the due date. Email a download link to ryan [at]

Any questions related to the release, please ask Ryan – ryan [at]

Enjoy making your track, we can’t wait to hear it!

Vale Garry Bradbury 1961 – 2022

The Clan Analogue community sends its deepest sympathies and regards to Garry Bradbury’s family, relatives and all that knew and loved this iconic talent.

He will be terribly missed by all members past and present of the collective. His raw artistic talent and unique approach to sound and visual practice can’t be understated. All that crossed paths with him would speak of his genius approach to art and sound. One of a kind and the music world has lost a great one.

Garry featured on a number of early Clan Analogue releases. His fabulous collaboration with Jason Gee under the Size banner was featured on Cog from 1995. ‘Bill Reynolds Bludges Petrol’ and ’Tuna Helper Radio Glove’ were two incredibly left of field and beautiful pieces of electronic music. Also on that album, he collaborated with Brendan Palmer and Kazumichi Grime for a one-off track under the guise of ‘Barouche Landaus’.

He brought his colourful and eclectic live performances to many of the shows hosted by Clan Analogue such as the long running legendary Electronic series at Mr GoodBar and the Bentley Bar in Sydney. He was integral to the Big Day Out stages that featured Clan Analogue in the 90s. He also performed at a memorable Clan Analogue night Live at the Goethe Institute.

At the 1995 Big Day Out, in true Garry fashion, he shared the stage in an impromptu manner with Clan act Telharmoneom on the Decadome stage. The band had never rehearsed anything with him to perform that day but Telharmoneom members Brendan Palmer and Kazumichi Grime thought why not? We had 2 minutes until we were due to start playing… Garry dragged his EPS16 sampler up on stage, grabbed a spare DX100 midi keyboard, dressed up in a huge tomato costume and funny blue hat he’d found back stage earlier and played some hilarious sounding sample loops over the techno beats of Telharmoneom.

A couple of minutes into the live show the sound of shattering glass was heard and the smell of beer flooded the stage. Garry’s tomato suit was concealing a heap of stubbies. No time to stop, the band played on and the crowd kept dancing. Good times.

He lived in the moment especially when it came to live shows and was a natural performer.
This is a big take away we all took from Garry. Live life full, live in the moment. Be a little crazy. It helped shake the collective up a bit and helped it find its groove.

In 2017 to mark the 25th anniversary of Clan Analogue, founder Brendan Palmer curated an all-star line up of Clan acts from days gone by. Garry reformed his band Size with Jason Gee for the event and delivered a memorable show and reminded us all the magic that was Bradbury.

We hope you all keep up on the true breadth of Garry’s career from the 70s right up to recent times. He criss-crossed so many scenes, genres and musical evolutions he was hard to pin down. What stayed consistent was the unique quirk, the beauty and brilliance he brought to everything he touched.
His sonic output can be found here:

Toby Grime and Brendan Palmer

CA055M: Ming One | Addiction

Ming One’s dopamine-inspired Techno EP Addiction!

From 1990s teenage record store junkie to regular DJ at warehouse parties and clubs, Ming One has been a dedicated stalwart of Melbourne’s techno scene over the last two decades. After contributions to the recent Analogue Redux and Mobile Strategies compilations, Ming One has now produced his first artist release on the Clan Analogue label – the Addiction EP.

With six tracks and three remixes, Addiction celebrates all things techno – a musical style which has provided constant inspiration to artists throughout Clan Analogue’s history as Australia’s most legendary electronic music collective. Ming One unleashes his addictive personality on the styles heard pounding from Melbourne soundsystems over the years in a beat-driven journey across the techno soundscape.

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Addiction opens with the melodic and EDM-inspired “Out of CPU”, merging into a progressive techno remix by Ollie Lee, another illustrious presence in Melbourne’s techno scene. “Segment” gives us stripped-back minimal techno before Addiction moves into techno breakbeat with “Aesia Break”. “Transition” explores a tech-trance direction, then “The Bells” takes us into the terrain of IDM-influenced sound. Perth’s Times of the Sines provides an electro breakbeat remix while “Galaga” is an acid techno monster, upping the adrenaline as the EP moves to a climax and concludes with a frenetic glitch-inspired remix by Melbourne breakcore hacker Aday.

Addiction has been forged in the fires of Melbourne techno. Bring on the rave wherever and whenever you party. Enjoy the sounds of Addiction.

Buy CD direct from Clan Analogue via Paypal

Addiction is available from Clan Analogue in streaming, download and limited edition CD formats.

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Track Listing
1. Out of CPU
2. Out of CPU (Ollie Lee’s DSP UpMix)
3. Segment
4. Aesia Break
5. Transition
6. The Bells
7. The Bells (Times of the Sines Remix)
8. Galaga
9. Segment (Aday Remix)

Originally released in 2021

CA054: Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space | Various Artists

The expanse, the microcosm, consciousness, time…

Drones can represent those aspects of existence that seem too large or abstract to fully comprehend. Drone music gives a sense of both stasis and evolution. It provides a space for contemplation, enables a moment of oneness with the universe.

Over the last year Clan Analogue’s artists have looked within to find renewed sonic purpose. The result is Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space: ten drone compositions blending noise and meditation in equal measure.

Each artist provides their own unique sounds for an empty space. Sectoral’s epic modular synth perambulation is an inner journey through imagined empty streets in our cities.  iubar project explores empathy with harsh ambience; Jennifer Lea’s contribution is a sonic blanket in a field. Nicole Skeltys creates a soundscape to accompany a monologue for a dying financial system. Michael Mildren builds on the epic synth drones of early 70s German electronic pioneers.

The sounds explored on Distance range from field recordings, to analogue synthesizers, ipad digitisation to modded antique computer soundcards.

City Frequencies sample and rework the noises cluttering cities in frequency ranges beyond our hearing. Zogam experiments with time-stretched guitar drones while WiLL-i-ROMS rewires the soundcards from early 80s arcade games to improvise layers of digital noise. Kazumichi Grime allows unconstrained pure oscillator tones and white noise hisses to build up into a wall of distortion and conflicting harmonics.

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All the Clan Analogue artists contributing to Distance were encouraged to work free of any constraints of time or format. The result is the legendary Australian electronic music collective’s most abstract and expansive music yet.

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Distance will be available on all major music streaming platforms. A limited edition cassette set is available now from Bandcamp

Track list:

  1. figital l welcome to the future (part 1)
  2. iubar project l Empathy in Action
  3. Jennifer Lea l 13
  4. Sectoral l Spooksteeg Brug
  5. WiLL-i-ROMS l Boot Carpet
  6. City Frequencies l The Interests of Entities
  7. Nicole Skeltys and Bill Garrett l Old School
  8. Zogam l Artisanal Hand Sanitiser
  9. Kazumichi Grime l Trinity
  10. Michael Mildren l Process Four

Clan Analogue Live in Drone Lockdown Stream

Clan Analogue’s contingent of drone artists have been busy in their studios during Covid-19 lockdown time, preparing a selection of expansive drone pieces to be released on an extended compilation later this year.

Stream Saturday evening from 8pm AEST

In the meantime, this elite force of Drone People will be performing live from their studios this Saturday evening, improvising their abstract drone experiments for a performance to be streamed live on Clan Analogue’s Twitch channel.

Kazumichi Grime, Michael Mildren, figital, David Prescott-Steed, iubar project, WiLL-i-ROMS, Zog and Nick Wilson (Reductionist) will all be joining the stream throughout the evening of Saturday, 16th of May, 8pm AEST until late. This unique interaction of some of Clan Analogue’s most innovative artists will not be repeated in this unprecedented era.

Join Clan Analogue’s Lockdown Drone Live this Saturday, 16th of May, from 8pm AEST until late in the evening at

Entry is free and you can listen from anywhere there is an internet connection.

CA053: Mobile Strategies | Various Artists

Clan Analogue presents Mobile Strategies: Battery-Powered Sonics

Clan Analogue’s new compilation album Mobile Strategies: Battery-Powered Sonics is a survey of international mobile music making. Whether using cheap portable synths, boutique miniature noise-making gadgets or apps on the phone or tablet, making mobile electronic music is expanding the possibilities of music creation and performance, turning the train ride into a production session, turning the local park into a studio.

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Mobile Strategies includes contributions from music producers located on 3 continents and using a broad-range of mobile setups. The album’s 19 tracks include contributions from Tame Impala’s drummer Barbagallo, Germany’s prominent mobile music proponent Perplex On and the Melbourne-based KOshowKO who has pioneered venue-specific live audience sampling with the use of iPads.

A growing trend among the community of music producers is a return to the tactile experience of music creation tools and a focus on hardware that reduces the reliance on desktop systems. The different feel of mobile technologies impact upon the way producers choose to engage with particular formats. Portable technologies empower producers to redefine their methods of music creation in the contemporary digital space.

The mobile technologies used on the album range from the vintage TB 303, TR 606 and Casio SK-1 instruments used by Australian electronic act Rantzen & Spinoglio, through to a Gameboy Micro running custom software used by chr15m + Fenris to the latest invention by Teenage Engineering, their OP-Z sequencer, utilised by Perplex On in a nature-inspired, glitchy and bass heavy track produced during a hike in the Bavarian countryside.

Buy from iTunes

The album is available on all major music streaming platforms. There is also a special Bandcamp edition of the album, featuring a digital booklet detailing used equipment as well as the creative process behind each track. Customers who purchase the album on Bandcamp will also access a special folder with 6 bonus tracks not available elsewhere.

Mobile Strategies Executive Producer Martin Koszolko explains “Why a Mobile Music album?

Track list:

  1. Barbagallo l Trek6
  2. KOshowKO l Neaty + Tidy
  3. Starpause l Curious Crochet
  4. Perplex On l First Warm Sunbeams
  5. Decorate With Skulls l Tides
  6. Ming One l Protégé Four
  7. chr15m & fenris l Yeah
  8. Damiano l London City
  9. 477 l Shytcunstepator
  10. Лучи Мечты l Oculist Conspiracy
  11. Grey Nest l JVOIGT
  12. maN Oeuvre l Her BastarD
  13. Rantzen & Spinoglio l Sniffer Dogs
  14. theultravisitor l Am That
  15. BLEO l Full-Featured
  16. Yoshima Petrosyan l Nonza
  17. Planet Nowhere l Elevator Woman
  18. Aday l Pressures Touch
  19. Globotom l Es ist zu spät
  20. Alex J Wise l Place of No Time [bonus track on Bandcamp only]
  21. Mono Tono l Night in Sirolo (Personal Itaka) [bonus track on Bandcamp only]
  22. Jeff Henry l Another Bedtime Story [bonus track on Bandcamp only]
  23. Pantsofdeath l Ophendid [bonus track on Bandcamp only]
  24. The Tuesday Night Machines l Butterbrot [bonus track on Bandcamp only]
  25. Tristan Burfield l Pole Position [bonus track on Bandcamp only]

Trautoniks: Trautonium / Vibraphone / Synthesizers

Electronic music collective Clan Analogue is proud to present German musician Peter Pichler on his first Australian tour, playing the unique Trautonium live for the first time outside of Europe for Trautoniks. At Bar 303, Northcote, on Thursday the 18th of April. Peter will be collaborating with Rae Howell (Sunwrae Ensemble) and Nick Wilson (Random Acts of Elevator Music) in a one-off improvisational performance that will be a unique combination of musicians and technology.

Tickets for this rare event are limited so book now to avoid missing out!

The Trautonium is one of the rarest electronic instruments in the world, invented in Berlin in 1929. Often considered the forerunner of the synthesizer, it was famously used in the soundtrack of Hitchcock’s film The Birds. In his youth Peter Pichler met Oscar Sala, the performer who first demonstrated the Trautonium in 1930, and he has now taken up the mantle of performing and recording with the instrument, upholding and expanding its legacy for today’s era.

Peter Pichler is the only touring artist performing live on the Trautonium today. His visit to Melbourne from Germany will be the first opportunity for local audiences to hear this instrument in concert as it has until now never been heard live outside of Europe.  Peter’s work with the Trautonium includes avant-garde classical, film music and electro-pop.

To be sure you don’t miss out on experiencing Peter Pichler and the Trautonium live in performance make sure you book now!

Minimalist composer and performer Rae Howell (Sunwrae) has recently returned to Australia after living in London for the last six years. Her set with Peter Pichler will be her first performance in Melbourne for four years, utilising her hypnotic arpeggiated vibraphone techniques in a unique sonic live soundscape. Melbourne electronic music artist Nick Wilson (Random Acts of Elevator Music) will complete a one-off trio lineup of Trautonium, vibraphone and electronics.

Trautoniks will also feature sets from some of Melbourne’s greatest live synthesizer performers, utilising technologies old and new. Ehsan Gelsi (Oolluu) is one of Melbourne’s most accomplished modular synth performers, joining with fellow synth virtuoso Steve Williams who will bring his rare collection of early 1970s EMS synthesizers.

Michael Mildren has recently released his acclaimed collection of Process albums through Clan Analogue, exploring facets of electronic music performance developed through his intensive study of Kraftwerk.

Trautoniks takes place at Bar 303, 303 High St Northcote, on Thursday the 18th of April from 8pm onwards. Tickets are $20 / $15 (concession) and tickets are available to book now.

Clan Analogue at Broadmeadows Street Festival

Long-running electronic music collective Clan Analogue take a trip to the north of Melbourne for the Broadmeadows Street Festival. A selection of their Melbourne artists will hit the festival stage at 2pm this Sunday the 7th of April. Hear Ming and Damian Tangram blast their synths, drum machines and other technological devices through the PA as their electronic tones and abstract beats are let loose to reverberate through the neighbourhood.

The Broadmeadows Street Festival takes place on Sunday the7th of April at Tanderrum Way, Broadmeadows.

Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On doco screening at Northside Movies

The documentary “Clan Analogue: Plug In and Switch On” will receive a rare public screening at Northside Movies – Saturday Night Pre-Party Popcorn, taking place at Lupine Studios, 31 Sydney Rd, Coburg, on Saturday the 23rd of March, from 7pm onwards.

Northside Movies screen a feature movie supported by nu-skool shorts, clips, teasers and chats with filmmakers from across the globe. Saturday Night Pre-Party Popcorn includes ideological interrogations, political dialogues, psychological dramas, switched-on docos and drama for film lovers and makers.

Clan Analogue: Plug In and Switch On was produced by Manikin and Elevator Productions in conjunction with Clan Analogue.

RSVP to Facebook event

Submit Tracks to the ‘Mobile Music’ Compilation Album


Clan Analogue is seeking submissions to a new compilation album which celebrates music creation with mobile tools.

We are looking for music made with small, battery-powered, portable gear. Examples of used equipment might include (but are not limited to): iOS music apps, Pocket Operators, OP-1, Volcas, grooveboxes such as Circuit, etc.

While we are not seeking submissions of sounds generated with software synths running on laptops, submitted music can be mixed in a computer-based DAW, as long as all sound sources in your track come from external, mobile music making tools. Music mixed exclusively with the use of mobile tools is of course also welcome. Other creative ways of interpreting the theme will be considered.

As a general rule, tracks should be shorter than 6 minutes, but if you create a really cool longer track that doesn’t get boring we would consider it.

For a reference on what style of music fits Clan Analogue, please listen to the past label releases following the links from our Releases page.

Every submission needs to be accompanied by a brief explanation of how your track was created and an image showing the studio setup and mobile equipment that you used. This information will be incorporated into the album artwork or accompanying promotional material.

Send submissions to koshowko [at] gmail [dot] com as Dropbox (or similar) download links to 320kbps AAC or MP3 files.

Please don’t send any files as email attachments. Wav files will be requested for any tracks that are selected for inclusion.

Deadline for submissions: September 15th 2018