!!* has been writing, recording and contributing to internet-based compilations since the mid 1990s. Resistant to genre ghettos, !!* started by making intuitive compositions (following… Read more

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5000 Fingers of Dr T

“The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T. make music which pumps and squelches like meat in a grinder” Their recipe for making music starts with matching ASR-10’s… Read more

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Actual Russian Brides

Actual Russian Brides are an electronic pop duo with feet in Sydney and Berlin. Vocalist Elle Knox and media jockey Baby Swindle, sans laptop, deliver… Read more


Aeriae is Sydney-based electronic composer/producer Wade Clarke. His grandfather was an engineer and almost-concert pianist, and Wade grew up playing the piano by ear. Prominent… Read more

Alex J Wise

Sydney musician Alex J Wise has been producing music and experimenting with sound since 1995. Alex’s early ventures entailed cassette recordings consisting of a couple… Read more

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Andy Rantzen

Andy Rantzen is an ARIA Award-winning Sydney-based electronic music producer and writer with a long history in Australian electronic dance music. Since 1990, he has… Read more


Apell (pronounced “apple”) is Anthony Pell an Australian, Melbourne musician creating diverse and innovative electronic music encompassing styles such as rock, jazz, funk & dub.… Read more

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Artificial is the solo artist name for Nicole Skeltys, an Australian musician, composer and producer who has released eleven albums, in styles ranging from electronica… Read more

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Atone are a Sydney dub outfit consisting of Mr Andy Fitzgerald and associated musical collaborators. Early releases featured the late great Ali Omar. They have… Read more

Automatic Teller Machine Machine

Automatic Teller Machine Machine press buttons that are very unclean. ATMM have had a long, plodding Audio/Visual trajectory rubbing shoulders with members of Clan Analogue… Read more