Aeriae is Sydney-based electronic composer/producer Wade Clarke. His grandfather was an engineer and almost-concert pianist, and Wade grew up playing the piano by ear. Prominent in his childhood repertoire were creaky renditions of his favourite 70s and 80s electronic film scores, such as Escape From New York, Halloween and TRON.

After high school, Wade studied Communications at the University Of Technology, Sydney, then variously worked on short films, on his own writing and reviews and also as a webcomic artist (Ocular Trauma) before reconnecting with contemporary, purely electronic music via Aphex Twin’s phenomenal Druqks album. Work on a series of videogame soundtrack remixes led forward to the development of original material as Aeriae.

CA048A: Aeriae | Peril Triage
CA043: Aeriae | Victris
CA042A: Aeriae | Nurse 2 Alyssa Type
CA041: Headspace l Various Artists

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