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A brief introduction

The Clan Analogue collective was started in Sydney, Australia, in 1992 by a small group of people who were interested and active in electronic sound. Largely fuelled by the sore lack of live venues in Australia for electronic music and a lack of options for releasing recorded material, Clan Analogue was born out of necessity.

From a small group who were eager to swap tapes of each others’ compositions at meetings has spawned Australia’s longest running and innovative electronic arts and sound collective. It has now been running for 20 years with active members in Sydney and Melbourne, associated artists in Albury, Brisbane and Perth and a reputation for producing Australia¹s leading electronic music, both nationally and internationally.

Clan aims to allow artists to produce work free of the constraints of the commercial music industry by developing self funded, artist initiated recording and publishing projects. This ‘do it yourself’ philosophy encourages the direct transmission of the artist’s works to the listener without filtering it via label mediation.

Through its diverse and multi-talented membership, the collective allows for the pooling of resources and the cross-fertilisation of ideas. This co-operative nature of working together allows large, otherwise unattainable goals to be reached for the benefit of the larger collective.

Clan members traverse boundaries between sound, visual and written work as the collective explores both traditional and new media forms. Members produce new music, remixes, video art, podcasts, blogs, radio programmes, installations and live events which maintain a constant presence of original and innovative electronica in the public headspace.

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Clan Analogue History: The Early Years

THE EARLY YEARS (1992 TO 1996)
. Brendan Palmer
. Sharif Hansa
. James McParlane
. Jasper Russell
. Toby Kazumichi Grime

The Evil Brotherhood of Mutants (EBOM), a warehouse on Cleveland St, was home to several early Clansters including Toby Grime, Adam Pierce, Tom MacIntyre, James McPharlane, Pierre Stockx, Ellie (DJ Lushpuppy) and Ian Andrews. Many early Clan meetings took place in the warehouse. This is a home built FM transmitter aerial that was installed at the EBOM warehouse to enable ‘silent’ doofs in the audiences’ headphones.

Clan artists such as Moo have even gone to the extreme of making their own analogue step sequencers…DIY (Do-it-yourself) in its purest form. Moo presented synth-building workshops in Melbourne and Canberra in 1995 and 1996.

Events of Note

. Inaugural Clan Analogue live event at Site nightclub called ‘Sensory Peak’ Featuring artists Telharmoneom, Puzzle, Vynil Sadist, DJ Ding A nightclub featuring a hord of analogue boffins belting out live techno from 909s, 808s, samplers etc was a raw sight in those days. Even on this first night, contacts were made that were to prove crucial to the next few years of the collective.
. Bog Moog’s Birthday – Clan hosts 12 hour festival of live electronic music at Sydney Park The man who was responsible for the commercially viable analogue synth equipment gets a salute at this event in the rolling hills of a beautiful Sunday in Sydney. This event was one of many that were to be carried out in the park along with the Vibe Tribe, Punos and other collectives, until party people were met with ugly hostility by a barrage of police one night. RIP.

. Hosted stage at The Big Day Out Electronic music breaks into Australia’s most respected rock festival. Clan Analogue also co-host the internet room situated next door. Clan’s diverse palette of electronica proves to be a bit too adventurous for some Sydney journalists. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.
. Supported OnU Sound National Tour – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, North Coast. Live acts, DJ_s and visuals. When OnU’s sampler broke at the Sydney gig, they immediately turned to us for support. “Sorry, we only use Mellotrons, can’t stick a disk in that”
. Live events at NSW Art Gallery and Goethe Institut as part of the European minimalist music project Resulting in a 30min video release featuring the audio of Scott Art, Brendan Palmer, Kazumichi Grime and Anthony Bannister along with experimental video by Jason Gee, Adam Pierce and Emile Rasheed.
. DJ Zeitgeist represents Clan Analogue at the E-Werk Festival of electronic music in Berlin
. Clan hosts ‘Electronic’ club night at Bentley bar Featuring weekly live events

. Hosted Decadome stage at Big Day Out Clan Analogue acts get up on the big stage at the big event. Noted by the press as one of the highlight rooms of that years Big Day Out. Large video wall sized projects and slides filled one of Sydney’s most historic venues along with the latest live sounds form the collective.
. JJJ Mix-UP Appearance B(if)tek, Nowzero, Bass Bitch, Lush Puppy. Live to air electronic music and DJ_ing from Clan’s best.
. Produced weekly club night ‘Electronic’ at Mr Goodbar Featuring live acts and DJ_s on two floors each Wednesday. An awesome series of nights that quickly became the place to be on a Wednesday night, riding to full capacity nearly every week.

. Hosted live outdoor stage at Big Day Out
. Supported Young Gods (Swedish) National Tour
. JJJ Mix-Up appearance Telemetry Orchestra, Hypnoblob, Dark Network. Live to air electronic music and DJ_ing from Clan’s best.
. Produced one-off club night ‘Crunch’ at Sublime to a packed audience

Above is a historical Clan Analogue meeting flier from the private collection of Brendan Palmer

Clan Analogue History: The Middle Years

THE MIDDLE YEARS (1997-2002)

Events of Note

. Supported Terence McKenna at Transdimensional Vehicle, Sydney University Live acts on the night were SuperCute, Dark Network with B(if)tek and Genlevel, Dormative Hypothesis and a super group combining the twisted talents of Nerve Agent, Kazumichi Grime and Jeremy Greenwood.
. Co-hosted Freaky Loops 2+3 to support 2SERfm radio Hosted over multiple rooms at Sydney University combining all of Clan’ talents in the fields of DJ’ing, live acts and visual projections.
. JJJ Mix-Up appearance Atone, ThingMod, 8-Bit, Kazumichi Grime. Live to air electronic music broadcast nationally around the country.
. Supported Regurgitator with Live Video, Slides, DJ_s at Waroonga-Bulli RSL, New South Wales. Another cross genre / rock crowd event that was met with amazing support. Rock is dead.
. Atone represent Clan at Colossus 2
. Brief 5 week residency at Sublime night club, Sydney with ‘Extra Crunch’ Featuring different live acts, visuals and DJ_s. Launch of Cognition double CD.

. Free Phase Free night of live electronica and top notch DJ_s featuring Black Lung at Sydney University
. Freaky Loops 4 at Sydney University Live acts, DJ_s and visuals- from doof to weird sound mixing to film.
. JJJ Mix-Up appearance 5000 Fingers of Dr.T. Live to air electronic music and DJ_ing from Clan’s best.

. Glenworth Valley Rock Festival Clan acts Terra Nine, Nerve Agent, DJ Ding and Telemetry Orchestra represented Clan on the ‘techno’ stage at the Glenworth Valley rock festival.
. Freaky Loops Œ99 at Sydney University Live acts, DJ_s and visuals in the Clan Room included Lush Puppy, Nerve Agent, Bass Bitch, Disco Stu, B(if)tek vs Artificial, Telemetry Orchestra, Meem, Dark Network, Disco Trash Allstars vs Clone vs Genlevel. Visuals by the awesomely excellent Tesseract, StonerBoy, MoRpH and T.O.
. TV ‘Alchemy’ appearance 5000 Fingers of Dr.T. interview & screening of several video clips, including ‘Barbecued Crickets’.

. Logarhythm [MELB] An all night dance party incorporating CD launches of Nerve Agent, “G-Type Nerve Agent” and the 5000 Fingers of Dr.T, “Buttsqueezer”. Featuring sets from DJ Toupee, 8-Bit, Tetrphnm, Sobriquet, PBXO, The Sideman, Purpleworld, Wind Up Toys,Evan on Earth, My Name is Gus, DJ Paluka, Reductionist, Cross Talk Creations, Govinda and Fletcher Munson. Visuals by Pixel Reunification and signal.OUT>>.
. Clan North Coast Road Tour Clan acts hit the road, playing in Lismore, Bryan Bay and Brisbane. Acts participating included the 5000 Fingers of Dr.T., Carrier, DJ Psychic, Loon X-Wing Solo, Tesseract, MoRpH, The Flow, Azure and Terra Nine.
. Newtown RSL Featuring High Pass Filter, Telemetry Orchestra, Minimum Chips, Tracky Dax and DJ Top Stylist.
. Zero, Sydney University The launch of the mini-EP G-Type Nerve Agent, in two rooms at Sydney Uni_s Wentworth Building. Featuring [live] B(if)tek, Nerve Agent, Disco Stu, 5000 Fingers of Dr T, Ubin, Genlevel, Kazumichi, Dark Network, Clone [DJs] Ding, Black, Psychic, Sub Bass Snarl Lo Fi, Disco Trash Allstars, Seymour Butz & Gemma [VIDEO] James Hancock and Tesseract
. Electronic, Sydney University At the newly refurbished Manning Bar, Sydney Uni. Electronic is the birth of Clan Analogue’s Cognition 3 double CD compilation and the much anticipated Debut CD from Deep Child, Hymns from Babylon. Artists include: B(if)tek, 5000 Fingers of Dr.T., Deep Child, Disco Stu, Meem, Anti DJ Crew (Atone), DJ Toupee (Melb), Sub Bass Snarl, DJ Ding, DJ Psychic, visuals by Tesseract.
. B(if)tek album launch, Newtown RSL Launch of the new CD ‘2020’. Playing with Dark Network and the Kookie kids Johnnie and Gemma.
. Sound Summit 2000 + ElectroFringe + This is not art festivals, Newcastle Clan was well represented at this years_ festival, with several live acts, visual artists and DJ_s performing throughout the week.
. Ionisation [MELB] Clan Analogue Melbourne presents Ionisation at the Punter’s Club, Brunswick Street. An evening of electronic rarefications, crystalline rhythms and sonic mayhem. Featured on the night will be the debut public appearance of Futile Sound of Brunswick, Purple World, Evan on Earth, The Sideman and the Smiling Backwards psychedelic slideshow.
. Clan Melbourne_s new regular club night, Ether at Alia Every second Sunday, Ether will feature a blend of chilled atmospheres, cruising soundscapes and symbiotic rhythms, in an environment akin to the loungerooms of a future diamond age.

. Clan Melbourne’s regular club night, Ether at Alia Every second Sunday, Ether will feature a blend of chilled atmospheres, cruising soundscapes and symbiotic rhythms, in an environment akin to the loungerooms of a future diamond age.
. Mains test at Pony [MELB] A night to get funky and dance with the Clan Analogue crew. Featuring bo smiling backwards, tolchock, evan on earth vs there, sideman, e, dj zog, prettyboy crossover and purpleworld.
. Electronic, Sydney University Clan Analogue, 2SER and the Uni of Sydney Union present Electronic. Two rooms and great lineup; Pocket, Meem, Deep Child, 5000 Fingers of Dr T, Up Syndrome (Clan Perth), Nerve Agent In Dub, Anti DJ Crew, DJ Psychic, DJ Ding, Disco Stu, Carrier, Pempek, A.N.D. + Videoscapes by MoRpH and Cicada.
. Freaky Loops @ Bondi Pavilion Over 70 artists/DJs performing across 5 stages. Prepare for drum ‘n’ bass, reggae, hip-hop, dub, electro, techno, and every aural pleasure in between. food, market, and community stalls visual design, films, and theatrical performances.
. Yak Secret Technology Tour kick off At Newtown RSL, the premier all-electronica tour of 2001 kicks off in phat and funky style with an awesome selection of Sydney’s hottest beat-junkies and bovine-loving groove-merchants. Meem, Deepchild, The Telemetry Orchestra plus The 5000 Fingers of Dr.T, Ubin, Quark Kent and Pempek with visuals by Tesseract and MoRpH.
. Pear Shaped Melbourne launch Pear Shaped will be launched in Melbourne at Clan Analogue_s Pear Shaped Party, an all-night dub and beats extravaganza at The Pony Bar, at 68 Little Collins St, with live performances from Clone, Suspect, Sobriquet, Tolchok and Other People_s Children, and DJ sets from DJ Toupee, Klej Butaprem, Fletcher Munson, Zog and Sydney_s Gordon Finlayson.
. Sound Summit 2001 + ElectroFringe + This is not art festivals, Newcastle Clan was well represented at this years_ festival, with several live acts, visual artists and DJ_s performing throughout the week.
. Solid Gold launch [SYD] The launch party for the new Clan Analogue CD – SOLID GOLD (sequel to 20 Disco Greats) at Roma Room, Metro Cinema. Line up: Disco Stu, Sobriquet (Melbourne), Carrier vs Triage, Up ‘n’ Atom (Edgecore, Byron Bay), Andy Rantzen (Itchee & Scratchee), Meem, Bleepin’ Jay Squakins, 5000 Fingers of Dr.T. vs Pempek, Nerve Agent. Visuals by: Tesseract, MoRpH, Cicada, Bent McRent. Plus the loveseat Solid Gold Dancers!
. Solid Gold launch [MELB] Clan Analogue launches the new 32-carat compilation CD Solid Gold in Melbourne with an opulent party extravaganza at the Pony Bar. With a star-studded lineup including Bubble_n_Squeak, Evan on Earth, Old Des Peres, Tolchok, DJ Toupee, The Sideman, Zog, DJ Reductionist, Fletcher Munsen and Klej Butapren.
Liquid Labyrinth NYE Clan acts featured include Terra Nine, Null Object, Sasquelch, DJ Ding, Michael MD, Nerve Agent, The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, Grey Area and Lo-Fi.

Clan Analogue Recordings

Clan Analogue Recordings (CAR) is the independent record label arm of Clan Analogue, pressing and promoting both solo albums for the collective’s artists and compilation albums. CAR negotiates distribution deals with larger record companies and assists in providing promotional materials and launch events for the releases and support to the artists.