A brief introduction

The Clan Analogue collective was started in Sydney, Australia, in 1992 by a small group of people who were interested and active in electronic sound. Largely fuelled by the sore lack of live venues in Australia for electronic music and a lack of options for releasing recorded material, Clan Analogue was born out of necessity.

From a small group who were eager to swap tapes of each others’ compositions at meetings has spawned Australia’s longest running and innovative electronic arts and sound collective. It has now been running for 20 years with active members in Sydney and Melbourne, associated artists in Albury, Brisbane and Perth and a reputation for producing Australia¹s leading electronic music, both nationally and internationally.

Clan aims to allow artists to produce work free of the constraints of the commercial music industry by developing self funded, artist initiated recording and publishing projects. This ‘do it yourself’ philosophy encourages the direct transmission of the artist’s works to the listener without filtering it via label mediation.

Through its diverse and multi-talented membership, the collective allows for the pooling of resources and the cross-fertilisation of ideas. This co-operative nature of working together allows large, otherwise unattainable goals to be reached for the benefit of the larger collective.

Clan members traverse boundaries between sound, visual and written work as the collective explores both traditional and new media forms. Members produce new music, remixes, video art, podcasts, blogs, radio programmes, installations and live events which maintain a constant presence of original and innovative electronica in the public headspace.

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