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Clan Analogue AGM

It is the time of the year when Clan Analogue members gather together at an AGM to discuss plans for the coming year.

This year, due to some pandemic restrictions still active in different parts of Australia (and the world) the AGM will be held online using a teleconferencing platform.

AGM for Clan Analogue Recordings
Date and time: Saturday, 27th of November, 4pm (AEDT)
Location: please email melbourne[at]clananalogue[dot]com for more details and to get teleconferencing link

Chat with other Clan Analogue members, discuss the year that was for Clan, and make new plans for the year ahead.

Clan Analogue launch Distance at Café Gummo

Clan Analogue present 9 artists in an epic live drone experience at Café Gummo, launching new release Distance: Sounds from an Empty Space

Bringing live electronic sounds back to Melbourne, Clan Analogue launch their new compilation Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space, with nine of the album’s artists performing their improvised drones, noises and atmospheres live at Café Gummo in Thornbury on Saturday, 20th of February.

After previewing Distance with livestreamed performances during last year’s lockdown, the launch at Café Gummo will see Nicole Skeltys, Michael Mildren, Sectoral, iubar project, WiLL-i-ROMS, Zogam, City Frequencies, Jennifer Lea and Reductionist performing onstage from 4pm until late on Saturday, 20th of February. With sounds ranging from field recordings to time-stretched guitar drones, ipad digitisation to modded antique computer soundcards these live performances will enable a moment of oneness with the universe, combining noise and meditation in equal measure.

The new compilation Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space is the legendary Australian electronic music collective’s most abstract and expansive music yet. The limited edition cassette version of Distance will be available for the first time at the event.

Drones for an Empty Space Streamed Live in Melbourne Fringe

To celebrate the release of their new compilation of drones, noises and atmospheres, Clan Analogue presents Drones for an Empty Space, an improvised five-hours of live drones and abstract electronic noise from nine of the collective’s most experimental artists.

Drones for an Empty Space will see Kazumichi Grime, Nicole Skeltys, Michael Mildren, figital, Sectoral, iubar project, WiLL-i-ROMS, Zogam and Reductionist joining the live stream throughout the evening of Saturday, 28th of November, from 8pm until late. All artists will be performing from their own home studios, improvising their drone experiments in a unique online jam that will build, layer and evolve over five hours.

The new compilation Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space is the legendary Australian electronic music collective’s most abstract and expansive music yet.

Drones for an Empty Space will be streamed live as part of the Digital Fringe. Book tickets and access the stream via the Melbourne Fringe website.

Clan Analogue Live in Drone Lockdown Stream

Clan Analogue’s contingent of drone artists have been busy in their studios during Covid-19 lockdown time, preparing a selection of expansive drone pieces to be released on an extended compilation later this year.

Stream Saturday evening from 8pm AEST

In the meantime, this elite force of Drone People will be performing live from their studios this Saturday evening, improvising their abstract drone experiments for a performance to be streamed live on Clan Analogue’s Twitch channel.

Kazumichi Grime, Michael Mildren, figital, David Prescott-Steed, iubar project, WiLL-i-ROMS, Zog and Nick Wilson (Reductionist) will all be joining the stream throughout the evening of Saturday, 16th of May, 8pm AEST until late. This unique interaction of some of Clan Analogue’s most innovative artists will not be repeated in this unprecedented era.

Join Clan Analogue’s Lockdown Drone Live this Saturday, 16th of May, from 8pm AEST until late in the evening at

Entry is free and you can listen from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Mobile Strategies launch at Cafe Gummo

Clan Analogue has assembled artists from throughout Australia and beyond to contribute their mobile music to the new Mobile Strategies album, to be launched at Café Gummo, 711 High St, Thornbury, on Friday, 25th of October, as part of Darebin Music Feast. The night of mobile electronic music jamming and portable gear performances will run from 6pm to late.

Whether using cheap portable synths, boutique miniature noise-making gadgets or apps on the phone or tablet, making mobile electronic music is expanding the possibilities of music creation and performance, turning the train ride into a production session, turning the local park into a studio.

Mobile Strategies at Café Gummo kicks off at 6pm with an open Gear Shift jam session. Anyone is welcome to bring mobile gear of any kind to jam with other electronic music enthusiasts. Open to any experience levels or stylistic inclinations!

The night will continue with performances from some of Melbourne’s best mobile music practitioners, including sets by KOshowKO, Ming, Aday, 477 and Maddest Kings Alive, accompanied by video projections from Clan Analogue’s visual team.

KOshowKO has pioneered venue-specific live audience sampling with the use of iPads, all in the cause of a funky live set.

Ming uses an array of battery-powered devices and his iPad to create his class Detroit-inspired techno.

Aday experiments with hacking and DIY modifications of hardware, video game consoles and obsolete PCs for sounds ranging from ambience to dark EDM.

477’s sound is a lofi 64-bit signal pushing through patterns of snow crashed cryptic basic, raster bars of loading screens, alongside lashings of syncopated bass frequencies.

Maddest Kings Alive, one half of chr15m +fenris, are notable for their circuit-bending approach to retro computing avant-garde music, using rewired and custom programmed Commodore 64’s, a custom programmed Game Boy Advance and other musical equipment.

The first 35 punters at the album launch will receive some rare Clan Analogue memorabilia – a printed copy of the Mobile Strategies album booklet with photos and stories behind all the tracks!

Trautoniks: Trautonium / Vibraphone / Synthesizers

Electronic music collective Clan Analogue is proud to present German musician Peter Pichler on his first Australian tour, playing the unique Trautonium live for the first time outside of Europe for Trautoniks. At Bar 303, Northcote, on Thursday the 18th of April. Peter will be collaborating with Rae Howell (Sunwrae Ensemble) and Nick Wilson (Random Acts of Elevator Music) in a one-off improvisational performance that will be a unique combination of musicians and technology.

Tickets for this rare event are limited so book now to avoid missing out!

The Trautonium is one of the rarest electronic instruments in the world, invented in Berlin in 1929. Often considered the forerunner of the synthesizer, it was famously used in the soundtrack of Hitchcock’s film The Birds. In his youth Peter Pichler met Oscar Sala, the performer who first demonstrated the Trautonium in 1930, and he has now taken up the mantle of performing and recording with the instrument, upholding and expanding its legacy for today’s era.

Peter Pichler is the only touring artist performing live on the Trautonium today. His visit to Melbourne from Germany will be the first opportunity for local audiences to hear this instrument in concert as it has until now never been heard live outside of Europe.  Peter’s work with the Trautonium includes avant-garde classical, film music and electro-pop.

To be sure you don’t miss out on experiencing Peter Pichler and the Trautonium live in performance make sure you book now!

Minimalist composer and performer Rae Howell (Sunwrae) has recently returned to Australia after living in London for the last six years. Her set with Peter Pichler will be her first performance in Melbourne for four years, utilising her hypnotic arpeggiated vibraphone techniques in a unique sonic live soundscape. Melbourne electronic music artist Nick Wilson (Random Acts of Elevator Music) will complete a one-off trio lineup of Trautonium, vibraphone and electronics.

Trautoniks will also feature sets from some of Melbourne’s greatest live synthesizer performers, utilising technologies old and new. Ehsan Gelsi (Oolluu) is one of Melbourne’s most accomplished modular synth performers, joining with fellow synth virtuoso Steve Williams who will bring his rare collection of early 1970s EMS synthesizers.

Michael Mildren has recently released his acclaimed collection of Process albums through Clan Analogue, exploring facets of electronic music performance developed through his intensive study of Kraftwerk.

Trautoniks takes place at Bar 303, 303 High St Northcote, on Thursday the 18th of April from 8pm onwards. Tickets are $20 / $15 (concession) and tickets are available to book now.

Clan Analogue at Broadmeadows Street Festival

Long-running electronic music collective Clan Analogue take a trip to the north of Melbourne for the Broadmeadows Street Festival. A selection of their Melbourne artists will hit the festival stage at 2pm this Sunday the 7th of April. Hear Ming and Damian Tangram blast their synths, drum machines and other technological devices through the PA as their electronic tones and abstract beats are let loose to reverberate through the neighbourhood.

The Broadmeadows Street Festival takes place on Sunday the7th of April at Tanderrum Way, Broadmeadows.

Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On doco screening at Northside Movies

The documentary “Clan Analogue: Plug In and Switch On” will receive a rare public screening at Northside Movies – Saturday Night Pre-Party Popcorn, taking place at Lupine Studios, 31 Sydney Rd, Coburg, on Saturday the 23rd of March, from 7pm onwards.

Northside Movies screen a feature movie supported by nu-skool shorts, clips, teasers and chats with filmmakers from across the globe. Saturday Night Pre-Party Popcorn includes ideological interrogations, political dialogues, psychological dramas, switched-on docos and drama for film lovers and makers.

Clan Analogue: Plug In and Switch On was produced by Manikin and Elevator Productions in conjunction with Clan Analogue.

RSVP to Facebook event

Analogue Processes in Melbourne Fringe at Swamplands

Michael Mildren and VICMOD ENSemble perform at Analogue Processes

Clan Analogue continues its epic quarter century of independent Australian electronic music-making with Analogue Processes, a night of electronic improvisation and analogue synth experimentation, taking place at Swamplands in Thornbury on Saturday the 22nd of September as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Bring some gear to take part in an open-invite electronic music jam session. Hear some of Melbourne’s most accomplished electronic music performers, with a headline set by synth virtuoso Michael Mildren, launching Process 3: Free Electronic, the latest in his Process series of albums. Analogue Processes will also feature a rare live set from Melbourne’s masters of modular synthesis, the VICMOD ENSemble.

Melbourne electronic music virtuoso Michael Mildren releases the third in his epic Process series of mini-albums, with Process 3: Free Electronic. Free Electronic following on from Process 1: Studies in Kraft and Process 2: Post-Kraft, where Michael explored Kraftwerk’s production methodology both in reinterpreting Kraftwerk’s music and in his own original work. Now with Process 3: Free Electronic, Michael explores a free-form improvisational aesthetic, largely discarding drum machines and utilising his live improvisational skills to create a selection of extended freeform pieces of atmospheric and kaleidoscopic nature. This release will be launched at Analogue Processes with an extended performance by Michael which unfolds over several hours.

The legendary VICMOD ENSemble formed in Melbourne in 2011 with a floating lineup of modular synth maestros who meet to build and perform with modular synthesis hardware. The live performances are rare, totally improvisatory and always sonically unique. Don’t miss their set at Analogue Processes.

Analogue Processes will open with one of Clan Analogue’s popular Gear Shift jam sessions. All electronic music performers of experience level are welcome to bring gear of any kind, whether hardware synths, drum machines, ipads, laptops, or more, to join in the sonic madness and jam with other kindred spirits.

To create Process 3 Michael utilised his extensive collection of classic electronic instruments, ranging from new Arturia synths to rare vintage items like the Farfisa String Orchestra, Roland SH1000 and Korg Poly-800. The results are a stunning collection of extended electronic pieces that are evocative, meditative and suggestive of an undefined narrative yet to be written. Michael’s experience with electronic music goes back over several decades, his virtuosity allowing him to draw inspiration directly from his machines without the interruption of conscious thought – the ideal of Free Electronic.

Process 1: Studies In Kraft and Process 2: Post-Kraft from Michael Mildren are also available now from Clan Analogue. The Process series will be launched at Swamplands, 744 High St Thornbury, on Saturday the 22nd of September at Analogue Processes, part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Book tickets to Analogue Processes, register on Facebook or turn up on the night!

Kable54 launches Volca Galaxies at The Record Crate Sydney

After wowing audiences in Melbourne and Adelaide with his virtuoso Korg Volca synth live sets, Kable54 heads to Sydney to launch his new album Volca Galaxies, out now on Clan Analogue, at Fizz #3 this Saturday December 23rd, held at The Record Crate in Glebe.

Melbourne’s microsynth virtuoso Kable54 has turned his hand to creating an album of acid-tinted krautrock jams with electric circuitry and voltage, the superb Volca Galaxies. Hear it performed live for the first time in Sydney this weekend.

Fizz #3 is presented by Cool Try and the Non DJ Electronic Musicians of Sydney. Kable54 is coming down all the way from Melbourne to celebrate the Sydney Launch of his album Volca Galaxies at this event and is super excited to be playing here.

-Klaus Bass [Resident]
Kable54 [Clan Analogue]

Entry is $10 with all ticket sales going to the artists. It’s on a Saturday night this month so kicking off a little bit later, at 7pm. The Crate will be open for food and drinks with cruisy tunes downstairs before the show, so feel free to head in early!

Fizz #3, Featuring Clan Analogue’s Kable54
Live in Sydney at The Record Crate
December the 23rd, 7pm
34 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW