Live Stream Announcement on Future Security Agency Data Decryption

New developments in decoding the Future Security Agency data to be announced

Tune in to live stream for exclusive new announcements: Wednesday, 30th of August, 8pm AEST via Twitch, youtube or Facebook.

Last year Clan Analogue released Partial Decryptions, our initial effort at decrypting a mysterious data set leaked to us by an unknown source. This data appeared to be in an as-yet unencountered quantum audio format, and we believe it comes from an entity known as the Future Security Agency.

After months of exemplary efforts on the part of Clan Analogue’s IT team, we have made some groundbreaking breakthroughs in decoding the audio data first unveiled as Partial Decryptions. We will be making an exclusive announcement regarding this data in a live-streamed announcement exclusively to the Clan Analogue community. 

Tune in to the live stream via Twitch, youtube or Facebook on Wednesday evening, 30th of August, at 8pm AEST.

In 2021, Clan Analogue were contacted anonymously for assistance in decrypting a unique dataset. Our IT team assembled an air-gapped rack server within a Faraday cage to safely examine the data. Emerging patterns indicated audio encoding frameworks in an unknown ultra-high resolution quantum audio format. Remarkably, certain recurring temporal patterning indicated musical correlations. However our source warned that the data could be dangerous, hinting at possible retribution due to their potential effects on listeners. During the decryption process an initially discarded piece of corrupt tri-code was revealed as a metadata stamping algorithm. The name Future Security Agency emerged, along with an image, possibly a key to the data’s original source.

A team of Clan Analogue artists were handpicked to decrypt and reconstruct these waveforms within the perceivable frequency spectrum. Chamberz, Tim Marcus Moore, Kable54, Reductionist and GJ Hannah, were each given a discrete portion of the data to reconstruct, made available last year as the Future Security Agency Partial Decryptions

We are now ready to announce new and possibly game-changing developments in this unparalleled undertaking.

Tune in to the live stream via Twitch, youtube or Facebook on Wednesday evening, 30th of August, at 8pm AEST.