Clan Analogue celebrate 30 years with MicroVirtuosity at 303

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RockNo begins Electronic Weekend with 303s at 303

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Clan Analogue’s 30 years Electronic Weekend celebration

Clan Analogue celebrate 30th anniversary with the Electronic Weekend at 303 in Melbourne Fringe The legendary Clan Analogue collective commemorate their 30 years of pioneering… Read more

Clan Analogue presents Reboot at Humanist House, Sydney

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RockNo at Swamplands | Ming EP launch

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Clan Analogue launch Distance at Café Gummo

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Drones for an Empty Space Streamed Live in Melbourne Fringe

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Clan Analogue Live in Drone Lockdown Stream

Clan Analogue’s contingent of drone artists have been busy in their studios during Covid-19 lockdown time, preparing a selection of expansive drone pieces to be… Read more

Mobile Strategies launch at Cafe Gummo

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Trautoniks: Trautonium / Vibraphone / Synthesizers

Electronic music collective Clan Analogue is proud to present German musician Peter Pichler on his first Australian tour, playing the unique Trautonium live for the… Read more