Kable54 launches Volca Galaxies at The Record Crate Sydney

After wowing audiences in Melbourne and Adelaide with his virtuoso Korg Volca synth live sets, Kable54 heads to Sydney to launch his new album Volca… Read more

Clan Analogue at Harmonics, Workshop Bar, Melbourne

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Clan Analogue Celebrates 25 Years with Electronic Weekend at 303

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Clan Analogue explore ones and zeroes at Digital Envelope

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Explore Electronic Improv at Analogue Coordinates in Melbourne Fringe

Analogue Coordinates explores analogue technology, improv spirit and the gestalt consciousness at Bar 303, Northcote, from 6pm on Saturday, 16th of September. Beginning with an… Read more

Electronic [Origins] presents Clan Analogue 25th Anniversary Live

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Michael Mildren’s Music Non-Stop: 12 Hour Live Analogue Marathon

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Analogue Redux launches at Bar 303 Melbourne

Legendary Australian electronic music and arts collective Clan Analogue present Analogue Redux as part of their Electronic Weekend Festival at 303 in the Melbourne Fringe.… Read more

Kill Climate Deniers Launch Parties in Canberra and Melbourne

What happens when homegrown Australian terrorism meets the classic beats of early House and Techno? Newly released by Australia’s pre-eminent electronic music collective Clan Analogue… Read more

Clan Analogue’s Electronic Weekend at 303 in Melbourne Fringe

Legendary Australian electronic music and arts collective Clan Analogue take over Bar 303 in Northcote for a weekend of underground electronica during the Melbourne Fringe… Read more