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Gear Shift electronic music jam session at Loop, Melbourne

Throughout 2014 Clan Analogue has presented the monthly Gear Shift series of electronic music jam sessions at Loop on the last Wednesday of each month. The series draws to a close with a final jam on Wednesday the 26th of November. Bring your laptop, smartphone or noise-making hardware and join the sonic mayhem one last time this year!

Gear Shift will end with a set from Koshowko playing tracks off the new It’s Time Now EP and other hits from his electro-pop back catalogue before jetting off to Oslo the next day to address the Art of Record Production Conference.

Gear Shift has seen jammers turn up with classic and new hardware items such as the TB303 Devil Fish, Elektron Monomaschine, Arturia Monobrute, Roland MC505, SH101, MC202 and a stylophone. Homemade synths, theremins, Atari consoles and Mattel syntronic drums have made appearances on stage. iPhones and iPads have been plugged in running apps such as SoundPrism, Gyromin, Vogel CMI, TonePad and Samplr. Multiple laptops have been synchronised in a LAN for an Ableton Live orchestra. And a selection of the greatest electronic music acts in Melbourne have played sets, including Black Lung, Friendships, Audiomulch, Vicmod Ensemble, Zen Paradox and Oolluu, Don’t miss the most legendary Gear Shift of them all!

Anyone is welcome to join in at Gear Shift. Just bring a synth, laptop, drum machine or any kind of electronic music-making gadget. The night is a great opportunity to play electronic music with other people, learn different techniques and try out new gear.

The Gear Shift jam starts at 7pm at Loop, 23 Meyers Place, in the Melbourne CBD. Arrive early for participant registration. Video artists Object_State provide a live behind-the-scenes projection mix of the knob-twiddling action. Koshowko play at 9pm.

Gear Shift is supported by the City of Melbourne through its 2014 Arts Grant Program and takes place at Loop on the last Wednesday of each month.

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Sydney Headspace launch: Severed Heads Tribute Party

To celebrate the 20th birthday of Australia’s long-running electronic music collective, Clan Analogue are launching their new compilation Headspace with a series of free parties! Headspace is a lovingly crafted tribute album to the legendary Severed Heads, with Clan Analogue’s artists reinterpreting their favourite tracks from this seminal Australian electronic music act.

The SYDNEY Headspace party kicks off at 8pm on Saturday 16th of June at the Sly Fox Hotel, 199 Enmore Rd, in Enmore.

The lavish line up includes Actual Russian Brides, Telafonica, Lunar Module, Grime+Jones (a new collaboration between Kazumichi Grime and Andrew Jones, formerly of Telemetry Orchestra), Aeriae, Data Transmit and DJs Foxbat, Baby Swindle and Michael MD. And who knows, there could be the possibility of a guest of honour…?

Visuals are integral to any Severed Heads tribute and we are honoured and somewhat amused to have Ed Leckie from LZX Industries bringing along his now world famous modular video synthesizer! Fresh from NAMM, this phenomenally successful piece of locally designed gear is a treat to behold. Rumoured to also be preparing footage to mix are stalwarts Morph and Squiggle.

The night starts with a radical DJ set, heads into bands, heads back to DJs, heads severed, heads roll until 2am. Happy hour of $3 drinks from 8–9pm. Free entry, cosy surrounds and great sounds.

Headspace is an epic, connoisseur album with 18 killer tracks and will be spun and available on the night.

Headspace is available through MGM Distribution in classic CD jewel-case format, as well as digital download from iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon.

The Melbourne Headspace party at Horse Bazaar went off with a beep in May. Winduptoys, Actual Russian Brides, Philosophy Of Sound, and DJ Reductionist revelled in a warm crowd. Tables were moved for dancing which went on into the small hours, with a fresh influx of late-night Italian artists from Next Wave Festival getting down to ‘Dead Eyes Opened’. Don’t miss the Sydney Headspace party in June!

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Gear Shift electronic music jam session

After 18 months of bleeps and oscillations produced by truck-loads of electronic music equipment and dozens of contributing noise-makers, Clan Analogue’s Gear Shift finishes this month with one last electronic music jam session at Horse Bazaar on Monday the 6th of August.

The Gear Shift jam starts at 7.30pm followed by a set from DJ Reductionist, continuing the groove with further explorations at the edges of sound. Horse Bazaar is located at 397 Little Lonsdale St in the city.

Anyone is welcome to join in at Gear Shift. Just bring a synth, laptop, drum machine or any kind of electronic music-making gadget. This is a great opportunity to play electronic music with other people, learn some new techniques and try out some different gear.

At previous Gear Shift sessions the following exciting equipment has made appearances:

• Korg Monotron
• Roland MC-505
• Roland SH101
• MalletKat Express
• Laptop running SuperCollider and Pd
• Korg M3 with Radias expansion card

• Laptop with Ableton Live

Frostwave ring modulator

• Boss digital delay pedals

• Roland MC-202
• Arp 2600
• Juno 106

• Homemade synth

• Laptop running Logic Pro

Who knows what will turn up this month? Come along and join the sonic mayhem!