Analogue Processes in Melbourne Fringe at Swamplands

Michael Mildren and VICMOD ENSemble perform at Analogue Processes

Clan Analogue continues its epic quarter century of independent Australian electronic music-making with Analogue Processes, a night of electronic improvisation and analogue synth experimentation, taking place at Swamplands in Thornbury on Saturday the 22nd of September as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Bring some gear to take part in an open-invite electronic music jam session. Hear some of Melbourne’s most accomplished electronic music performers, with a headline set by synth virtuoso Michael Mildren, launching Process 3: Free Electronic, the latest in his Process series of albums. Analogue Processes will also feature a rare live set from Melbourne’s masters of modular synthesis, the VICMOD ENSemble.

Melbourne electronic music virtuoso Michael Mildren releases the third in his epic Process series of mini-albums, with Process 3: Free Electronic. Free Electronic following on from Process 1: Studies in Kraft and Process 2: Post-Kraft, where Michael explored Kraftwerk’s production methodology both in reinterpreting Kraftwerk’s music and in his own original work. Now with Process 3: Free Electronic, Michael explores a free-form improvisational aesthetic, largely discarding drum machines and utilising his live improvisational skills to create a selection of extended freeform pieces of atmospheric and kaleidoscopic nature. This release will be launched at Analogue Processes with an extended performance by Michael which unfolds over several hours.

The legendary VICMOD ENSemble formed in Melbourne in 2011 with a floating lineup of modular synth maestros who meet to build and perform with modular synthesis hardware. The live performances are rare, totally improvisatory and always sonically unique. Don’t miss their set at Analogue Processes.

Analogue Processes will open with one of Clan Analogue’s popular Gear Shift jam sessions. All electronic music performers of experience level are welcome to bring gear of any kind, whether hardware synths, drum machines, ipads, laptops, or more, to join in the sonic madness and jam with other kindred spirits.

To create Process 3 Michael utilised his extensive collection of classic electronic instruments, ranging from new Arturia synths to rare vintage items like the Farfisa String Orchestra, Roland SH1000 and Korg Poly-800. The results are a stunning collection of extended electronic pieces that are evocative, meditative and suggestive of an undefined narrative yet to be written. Michael’s experience with electronic music goes back over several decades, his virtuosity allowing him to draw inspiration directly from his machines without the interruption of conscious thought – the ideal of Free Electronic.

Process 1: Studies In Kraft and Process 2: Post-Kraft from Michael Mildren are also available now from Clan Analogue. The Process series will be launched at Swamplands, 744 High St Thornbury, on Saturday the 22nd of September at Analogue Processes, part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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