Explore Electronic Improv at Analogue Coordinates in Melbourne Fringe

Analogue Coordinates explores analogue technology, improv spirit and the gestalt consciousness at Bar 303, Northcote, from 6pm on Saturday, 16th of September. Beginning with an open-invite electronic music jam session, all players and forms of gear are welcome to join in the sonic mayhem. The night progresses into an extended improv set from a selection of Melbourne’s most idiosyncratic music performers who have contributed to the new Clan Analogue compilation Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm. This unique selection of synth geeks, post-rock musos, experimental sound artists and techno DJs will meet for the first time on the floor of 303. Analogue Coordinates culminates with sets from two of Melbourne’s virtuoso analogue electronic music performers, Kable54 and Michael Mildren, launching their new releases on the night. Arrive at 6pm with your gear to join in the jamming or come as you are to listen.

Analogue Coordinates is part of Clan Analogue’s 25 Anniversary Electronic Weekend in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, celebrating 25 years of the legendary Australian electronic music collective. Clan Analogue has now been at the forefront of Australian electronic music for a quarter of a century, with a plethora of classic releases, innovative artists and memorable events in its illustrious history. Analogue Coordinates will also launch the Process EP series from Michael Mildren, the new album Volca Galaxies by Kable54 and the new compilation Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm, out now from Clan Analogue.

Kable54 has made his name with countless gigs at every indie electronic night in Melbourne over the last two years, performing dynamic improvised live sets with his collection of small portable Volca synths. His new album Volca Galaxies is an outstanding collection of acid-tinted krautrock jams with electric circuitry and voltage, polished and fed a diet of East German steroids and West German psychedelics.

Michael Mildren is one of Melbourne’s most accomplished electronic music artists, stunning audiences at the last two Melbourne Fringe Festivals with his Men/Machine and Music Non-Stop shows. His new Process series of mini-albums will be launched at Analogue Coordinates with Studies in Kraft, a collection of Kraftwerk classics recorded with period electronic music gear. Michael will be presenting his new ensemble the Drone Men live for the first time.

The new compilation album Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm will be launched at Analogue Coordinates, celebrating 25 years of Clan Analogue with the collective’s 50th release. Fifty electronic music artists from Australia and overseas registered to take part in the Coordinate project, where they were paired up to collaborate with artists they had never met with the instruction to move outside stylistic comfort zones and respond to the theme ‘beyond the algorithm’. The Melbourne-based Coordinate contributors will meet for the first time for an extended improv set ranging from electronic grooves to noise and anything beyond.

Analogue Coordinates will begin with one of Clan Analogue’s popular and acclaimed Gear Shift jam sessions. Any electronic music performers of any experience level or stylistic inclinations are invited to turn up at 6pm with their favourite gear to jam.

Tickets for Analogue Coordinates or weekend passes for the entire Clan Analogue Electronic Weekend are available from the Melbourne Fringe website or on the door.