Mobile Strategies launch at Cafe Gummo

Clan Analogue has assembled artists from throughout Australia and beyond to contribute their mobile music to the new Mobile Strategies album, to be launched at Café Gummo, 711 High St, Thornbury, on Friday, 25th of October, as part of Darebin Music Feast. The night of mobile electronic music jamming and portable gear performances will run from 6pm to late.

Whether using cheap portable synths, boutique miniature noise-making gadgets or apps on the phone or tablet, making mobile electronic music is expanding the possibilities of music creation and performance, turning the train ride into a production session, turning the local park into a studio.

Mobile Strategies at Café Gummo kicks off at 6pm with an open Gear Shift jam session. Anyone is welcome to bring mobile gear of any kind to jam with other electronic music enthusiasts. Open to any experience levels or stylistic inclinations!

The night will continue with performances from some of Melbourne’s best mobile music practitioners, including sets by KOshowKO, Ming, Aday, 477 and Maddest Kings Alive, accompanied by video projections from Clan Analogue’s visual team.

KOshowKO has pioneered venue-specific live audience sampling with the use of iPads, all in the cause of a funky live set.

Ming uses an array of battery-powered devices and his iPad to create his class Detroit-inspired techno.

Aday experiments with hacking and DIY modifications of hardware, video game consoles and obsolete PCs for sounds ranging from ambience to dark EDM.

477’s sound is a lofi 64-bit signal pushing through patterns of snow crashed cryptic basic, raster bars of loading screens, alongside lashings of syncopated bass frequencies.

Maddest Kings Alive, one half of chr15m +fenris, are notable for their circuit-bending approach to retro computing avant-garde music, using rewired and custom programmed Commodore 64’s, a custom programmed Game Boy Advance and other musical equipment.

The first 35 punters at the album launch will receive some rare Clan Analogue memorabilia – a printed copy of the Mobile Strategies album booklet with photos and stories behind all the tracks!