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KOshowKO is the brainchild of Polish-born, Melbourne-based music producer Martin K, also known for his nu-disco releases under the Philosophy Of Sound moniker on Discotexas and ambient releases with Iubar Project.

He started KOshowKO in 2003 as a vehicle to collaborate with several artists and explore various colours of electronic music from indie pop to electronica and abstract hip-hop. KOshowKO has released tunes on Emerald & Doreen, Clan Analogue and Martin’s own label Las Machinas. The act has performed live across a variety of venues in Australia and at White Night Festival, St Kilda Festival, Renaissance Festival, Fringe Festival, Electundra, Darebin Music Feast, and played live shows in Germany and Poland.

In 2016 KOshowKO participated in the Clan Analogue release ‘Intone: Voice Abstractions‘ which was nominated for the Art Music Awards in the Excellence in Experimental Music category. Earlier on, KOshowKO track ‘The Story’ was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in the Dance category while another track, ‘Whispers’, received a special mention in the Best Songwriter category in The Music Aid Song Contest and Music Awards.

Other credits include the soundtrack for the award-winning documentary ‘Revolving Door’, shown on TV in Australia and overseas after making the rounds at various film festivals on four continents.

Music videos promoting various KOshowKO releases have been screened around the globe in a selection of film and music video festivals. Martin K as KOshowKO has also had the opportunity to collaborate with such artists as Chicks On Speed, Severed Heads and B(if)tek.

In recent years, KOshowKO has pioneered venue-specific live audience sampling with the use of iPads and in 2019, Martin has curated and produced a compilation album titled Mobile Strategies: Battery-Powered Sonics for Clan Analogue recordings. This album includes one new KOshowKO track as well as music from 25 artists located on 3 continents and utilising a broad-range of portable, battery-powered setups.

Other releases on Clan Analogue include the artist’s debut single ‘Promise’ and ‘The Truth in Me’ EP. There are KOshowKO remixes of Disco Stu and B(if)tek featured on a collectible three-disc set ‘Re Cognition: the Clan Analogue Legacy Collection’, as well as the promotional single ‘We Think You’re Dishy (Remix EP)’. Martin K is also the producer of a DVD package and documentary movie about the Clan Analogue collective titled ‘Plug In & Switch On’. More of the KOshowKO sound can be heard on their brilliant, collaborative effort ‘Switched On’, appearing as a duet on the Winduptoys single ‘Switch On’ and album ‘Double Exposure’.

CA058: Cognition 303 l  Various Artists
CA053: Mobile Strategies|Various Artists
CA044: Intone | Various Artists
CA039V: Valley Forge l Follow Suit
CA039K: Koshowko l The Truth In Me
CA038: Re Cognition l Various Artists
CA038B: B(if)tek l We Think You’re Dishy (remixes EP)
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA036K: Koshowko l Promise
CA037: Winduptoys l Double Exposure
CA037A: Winduptoys l Switch On
CA036: Clan Analogue In Version l Various Artists
CAM06: Sampled Synthesis 6 l Various Artists

For a full KOshowKO discography, videos, interviews and more, visit the artist’s web site and social media outlets.

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Twitter: philofsound

Instagram: p.of.sound

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