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CA038B: B(if)tek | We Think You’re Dishy Remixes

B(if)tek return from beyond the frequency spectrum with one last very limited edition release – an EP featuring new remixes of their classic track ‘We Think You’re Dishy’.

To celebrate the arrival of Clan Analogue’s back catalogue on iTunes and the imminent release of the new triple disc compilation Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection, covering the collective’s 18 year history of Australian electronic music, Clan Analogue invited all their artists to remix their favourite tracks from the back catalogue.  The full results will be heard on Re Cognition, but here’s a taster…

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Melbourne artist Koshowko has remixed B(if)tek’s ‘We Think You’re Dishy’ giving it a hint of breakbeat groove and some extra acid synthesizer manipulation.  Sydney act Bleepin’ J Squawkins present an exclusive bonus remix in a true Moroder vibe. ‘We Think You’re Dishy’ was released originally in 1999 on the Dance Music Award-nominated Clan Analogue compilation album Twenty Disco Greats and this version is thrown in for completists.  Also on the EP is ‘We Oscillate’, a very rare early B(if)tek track, originally heard on the Clan Analogue cassette release Schizmatrix from 1996. Anticipating the electro tsunami of the last decade, B(if)tek were amongst the original “Geek Girls”, making cutting edge dancefloor tunes with their vast collection of sound-generating machines and immaculate wardrobes.

Since the release of their acclaimed album Frequencies Will Move Together in 2003, B(if)tek’s Nicole Skeltys and Kate Crawford have each been busy with their own projects. Nicole Skeltys has been residing in the USA as an artist-in-residence with Pittsburgh Filmmakers, recently releasing the album Larceny of Love with her new psychedelic electronic act The Jilted Brides. Kate works in academia and produces minimal electronica with Clone. She wrote the book ‘Adult Themes’ and hosted the ABC TV experimental music series ‘Set’.


1. We Think You’re Dishy (Koshowko Remix)
2. We Think You’re Dishy (Bleepin’ J Squawkins Remix)
3. We Think You’re Dishy (20 Disco Greats version)
4. We Oscillate (Prehistoric Mix)

Released in 2010

One thought on “CA038B: B(if)tek | We Think You’re Dishy Remixes”

  1. B(IF)TEK – ‘We Think You’re Dishy (Koshowko
    Remix)’ will be most likely one of the earliest video clips played on ABC TV Rage this Friday night! That’s what Rage’s web site suggest so far
    The same remix has reached no.3 on Melbourne’s Kiss FM Chart a couple of weeks ago…

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