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CA036: In Version: Dub Selections | Various Artists

Clan Analogue In Version: Dub Selections

In Version is a fourteen-track exploration of dub and dub-influences. With tracks from Australian artists such as Dsico, Galactic Gangstars, Koshowko, Psyburbia, Andy Rantzen and winduptoys, Clan Analogue In Version covers an eclectic range of dub styles, from traditional dub roots right through to modern electronic dub experiments.

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Electronic music owes a large debt to dub reggae. Sound systems, DJs, MCs, remixes and the emphasis on bass and drums are all ideas exported from Jamaican music to wider dance music. Many of Clan Analogue’s artists have been heavily influenced by dub and its derivatives, but not since the groundbreaking Jaunt series in the 1990’s has Clan released a compilation dedicated to interpretations of this style.

Producer Scot Mcphee, also known as Victor X-Ray, wanted to create an album that took the authentic sound of dub as its starting point and applied the unique perspective of Clan Analogue’s artists and their history of electronic music experimentation. Following dub tradition, some artists reworked classic reggae basslines into new tracks, others brought their own grooves. Over an hour of sublime bass-heavy dub pleasure awaits you in Clan Analogue In Version: Dub Selections, so light up a big one and get listening!

The first pressing of Clan Analogue In Version includes the limited edition bonus disc Inverted: Further selections, containing extra dub-influenced electronica and bass frequencies guaranteed to annoy the neighbours.

“Continuing reggae’s trademark culture of artists reworking traditional beats, bass lines and melodies is this home-grown compilation, put together by the nation’s leading electronic music collective, Clan Analogue, one of the pioneering forces in Australian electronica”
Sydney Morning Herald

“While there’s a steady focus throughout on the defining elements of dub – cavernous bass, heavy drums and echo-delay, the tracklisting takes in diverse terrain”
Cyclic Defrost

Track Listing

1. Dsico l Over and Over Dub
2. Galactic Gangstars l Get Your War On
3. X-Ray Sound System l Melodarimbic Internationale
4. Andy Rantzen l Rock Steady
5. Nerve Agent In Dub l Desmond’s Tiny Dub
6. valley forge™ l Muscle and Grit
7. Andy Rantzen & Nancy Valentine l Viewing Creation
8. Winduptoys l Deep Sea Dub
9. Koshowko l Promise (Over Here Mix)
10. Boyronin l Dub Not Dub
11. Andy Rantzen l My Lover in the Moon
12. Clowns Smiling Backwards l Persistence in Dub
13. Psyburbia vs winduptoys l Fuel
14. Kazumichi Grime l Mariana’s Trench

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