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Andy Rantzen

Andy Rantzen is an ARIA Award-winning Sydney-based electronic music producer
and writer with a long history in Australian electronic dance music.
Since 1990, he has recorded and performed under his own name and in
collaborations with Pelican Daughters, Wrong Kind of Stone Age,
Cherry2000, Itch-E & Scratch-E, Sheriff Lindo, fc europa, Event
Horizon and many others. He has remixed artists as diverse as The
Wiggles and INXS and, along with his long-time music collaborator Paul
Mac, has the best-selling Australian remix of all time. He has
released fourteen albums on a variety of labels around the world,
including 4-4-2 Music, Ministry of Sound, Forced Nostalgia, Volition,
Underwater Music, Silent Records, Generator, Tempest Recordings,
Halcyon, Air Recordings, Creative Vibes, Prozaak and Clan Analogue,
with whom he has had a long and fruitful relationship spanning over
fifteen years. He is currently working on his next album, entitled
‘The Master Drummer’.

CA058: Cognition 303 l  Various Artists
CA053: Mobile Strategies l Various Artists
CA044: Intone l Various Artists
CA040W: Valley Forge l Wayfaring Stranger
CA039T: Tiatto l Theme From Tiatto
CA036: Clan Analogue In Version l Various Artists
CA034: Doppler Shift l Various Artists
CA029: Disco Stu l An Englishman in Ibiza
CA028: Solid Gold l Various Artists
CA020: 20 Disco Greats l Various Artists

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