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CA040W: Valley Forge featuring Kamahl | Wayfaring Stranger

The legendary Kamahl teams up with Sydney producer of cinematic electronica Valley Forge for a haunting down-tempo updating of the 18th century spiritual ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ on the newest release from Clan Analogue. In perhaps his most personal musical statement yet, Kamahl is the ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, journeying through cyberspace on an endless search for refuge from existential isolation. Valley Forge and Kamahl channel Tron and Scot Walker in equal measure, exploring the quest for human connection within our modern technological dystopia.

‘Wayfaring Stranger’ is the second single from Valley Forge’s debut album Artificial Heart. The Wayfaring Stranger EP includes a remix by Itch-E & Scratch-E’s Andy Rantzen and follows the release of Follow Suit which featured remixes by iconic dance acts Boxcar and Single Gun Theory.

“An eerie downbeat crawl of vocoders, gliding hiphop-inflected rhythms and shimmering electronics, dark pop hooks lurking just beneath the surface”
Cyclic Defrost


1. Wayfaring Stranger [Radio Edit]
2. Wayfaring Stranger [Andy Rantzen Remix]
3. Pain Threshold
4. Sea of Simulation [Dubliminal Mix]
5. I Want Us to Merge [Recombinant Mix]

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