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CA035: Bleepin’ J Squawkins | Floppydisco

“One small bleep for machine, one great night out for man” – BJS

Having only ever thought 1982 was the future, and that the future was nowhere near 80s enough, Bleepin’ J Squawkins have created the ultimate time machine and brought the future to here and now. The machine is their first full-length album, Floppydisco.

Initially, Bleepin J Squawkins thought it would be a great idea to release floppydisco on 5 1/4″ vinyl, however their fascist record label Clan Analogue vetoed such madness. So here is their debut CD, full of catchy electro-pop, gratuitous big analogue synth sounds and every vocoder they could lay their hands on, creating electro-pop of the future for dancing today.

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The album takes or, rather, gives what’s fun from electro-pop. From lyrics about lost love to the unintelligible ramblings of a speech synthesizer lost in a crazy world of Lewis Carroll. Sweeping, swirling and luscious analogue sounds tickle your aural fancy while elevator-evacuating flatulent bass sounds put a rose in every cheek.

“Funky”, “Homegrown”, “Electro” and “Madness” are just four words used to describe Bleepin’ J Squawkins. A lurrrrve of analogue awibblery, gritty lofi basslines, chunky electro beats and a cheeky finger for digital manipulation of samples constitute the Bleepin’ J Squawkins sound. Since winning one of B(if)tek’s WINK awards, Bleepin J Squawkins have gone from disco to disco. Ask for them by name at your nearest nightclub promoter or A&R person.

“Makes me wanna get a pizza, a cola beverage and
play pac man all at the same time”

Beat Magazine

“This well-crafted dose of Euro-tinged electroclash straight outta Sydney easily stands up against most of what the Continent has to offer”

“Heavy with catchy, characteristic synth lines and danceable beats, heavy with humour and nostalgia”
3D World

Track Listing

2. Minerva Moog (part 1)
3. Radio International
4. Alice Doesn’t Know
5. Paris Bag
6. We are Eclectric
8. Out of Control
8. Dancing on the Moon
9. Over and Out
10. Brown Rubber Lounge
11. Rock and Wobble

Originally released in 2004

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