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CA034: Doppler Shift: Electro Selections | Various Artists

Clan Analogue, Australia’s premier electronic arts collective, is completely freaked out to issue forth their new compilation Doppler Shift: electro selections (catalogue no. CA034). The new CD is rammed full of the latest electro selections from the cream of Australia’s electro and synth-pop artists. Look for Doppler Shift at all record stores across the electro-magnetic spectrum.

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Doppler Shift includes high society acts such as Itch-e & Scratch-e, General Electrik and Bleepin J Squawkins, along with other less infamous but equally high quality producers, all who pulled out their big synths and stuck up their hand claps for inclusion on the latest in a long line of diverse and legendary compilations from Clan Analogue. Once the glammed Clan put the hard word and heavy treatment on its network of producers that the search was on for electro-styling tracks, grooveboxes and basslines were heard jamming in studios all over Oz. Soon a razzle-dazzle selection of cold, hard, soft warm fuzzy and clinical electro emerged, pulsating, throbbing and ready for dancefloor action.

Electro music has diverse roots, in soul, disco and glam rock, also embracing the clinical minimalism of electronic music like Kraftwerk, nodding to the 1980s new wave of Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode and associates, and now updated through techno, house and that electro-clash stuff.

Join us for the electro selection “IT robot” of the moment! Marvel as the pitch rises and falls while you spin Doppler Shift on your CD player.

Batteries not included. This offer may be void in your local jurisdiction.

”Pure new wave groovebox-a-go-go and vocodered robotic mayhem”
Inpress Magazine

“These tracks are highly original constructions built
on the foundations of electro”

“Doppler Shift is a rewarding passage through a sea of
subby bass and clicky electro groove”

Time Off

Track Listing

1. Luke Collision l Waiting For You
2. General Electrik l What You’re Doin’
3. Bleepin’ J Squawkins l Minerva Moog pt1
4. Victor X-Ray l Radiation Yes! Indeed!
5. Lunar Module l Turn the Key
6. Itch-e & Scratch-e l King of the Moon
7. Captain Spanky l Stoppst Du Nicht
8. Deprogram l Controlled Impulse
9. Valley Forge l The Heat Death of the Universe
10. Andy Rantzen & Ryan Spinoglio l Zero 7
11. Electroteque l Thoughts of Mutual Understanding
12. Kaputnik l Charlie Don’t Surf

Originally released in 2004

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