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CA033: Dark Network | Late Set

One of the most eagerly awaited releases in Australian electronic music of the last decade, Clan Analogue Recordings presents Late Set, the debut album from Dark Network.

Dark Network is a collaboration between Bo Daley and Tim O’Loghlin, who have been working together in various musical incarnations since 1994. Having also worked in seminal outfits such as Critical Frequency, Clone, Terry Nation and Suspect, Dark Network have an impressive history in Australian electronic music. Together they compose seductive lo-fi electronic improvisation pieces based around a hub of rare and remarkable analogue machines.

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The Dark Network sound is based on hypnotic rhythms and delicate, weaving harmonies. September sees the release of their album Late Set, featuring recordings from long improvisation sessions in chill-out rooms, warehouse parties, trendy nightclubs and inner-city lounge rooms across Australia.

“Relentless grooves that gather loops and haunted frequencies, propelling the listener along”
The Australian

“Some truly remarkable spaced-out dubbed-up electro tunes; a gorgeously funky and atmospheric downtempo set”
Inpress Magazine

“Some deep late-night totally cunted shit. Nice”
Lucky Magazine

Track Listing

1. 1am
2. 2am
3. 3am
4. 4am
5. 5am
6. 6am
7. 7am

Originally released in 2003

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