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CA032: DeFocus: Low Res Productions | Various Artists

Three years in the making, Defocus brings together a hugely diverse collection of low resolution electronic productions from artists across Australia. Anti-production, incidental noise, low bit-rate recordings and analogue tape dropouts make sporadic appearances throughout the release, resulting in a CD that invites listeners to question their received notions of electronic production and to locate the sound inside the error messages.

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From the 8-bit loops of Adelaide’s Parlour to the subterranean bass tones of Kazumichi Grime, the tempo-twisting digital manipulations of Two4K and on to the relentless white noise of Ars Electronica-veteran Alex Davies, Defocus charts a path through ambient, dub, minimalist techno, electro, noise and lofi. Each artist supplies their own practical critique of pre-ordained composition and production methodologies, thereby producing a CD that is both consistently listenable and fundamentally disjointed.

With the Defocus CD well-known names from the Clan Analogue stable including Pretty Boy Crossover, Disco Stu, Deepchild and Dark Network join with Clan newcomers such as Two4K and Fluffy T (both of Melbourne super-group Futile Sound of Brunswick), Terry Nation, Shimmer and Able Child. Tolchok, Zog, Clowns Smiling Backwards, Winduptoys and Evan on Earth complete the Defocus lineup of electronic sound artisans.

“A quirky collection of airs and ambiences with a minimal chilled agenda, the perfect soundtrack for those more comatose moments in the early parts of the morning”
Inpress Magazine

Track Listing

1. Parlour l No Title
2. Pretty Boy Crossover l Switch 2 Channel Skip
3. Two4K l Elite
4. Kazumichi Grime l Monomental
5. Deepchild l Refugee Dub
6. Disco Stu l Lacuna
7. Fluffy T l Symbols of Immodesty
8. Tolchok l DKSO
9. Shimmer l Tower Life
10. Terry Nation l No Phone
11. Evan on Earth l Mellow Tones
12. Dark Network l Deep Sea Bossanova
13. Alex Davies l 09.104Iridium
14. Winduptoys vs CSB l Maze (deconstruction no. 2)
15. Able Child l Fix your eyes like saucers unto heaven
16. Zog l April DX

Originally released in 2003

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