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CA031: Pretty Boy Crossover | Any Two Can Play

Pretty Boy Crossover (Cailan Burns and Jason Sweeney) and Clan Analogue have joined creative forces to bring a new release of original beats, melody and electro-melancholia. Any Number Can Play, follows the success of the album, The Building and Formation, on Surgery Records in 2001.

Collecting four original tracks with some self-remixing activity and delicate tweeking, and another four tracks of remixes by some of Australia’s most forward-thinking electronic music geeks (Ai Yamamoto, Shimmer, Toby Kazumichi Grime, Motive), Any Number Can Play is an almost full-length gathering of askew rhythms, lilting tunes, moody moments and playful performances.

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Any Number Can Play builds a bridge between Pretty Boy Crossover’s last four years of bedroom recording and old-instrument collecting, and the future sounds of mini-disc swapping and hard-drive manipulations.

“Skip hops and glitch pops through ambient rhythmic beats and organic plops, drops and blips; one of the most aurally pleasing albums of the year”
3D World album-of-the-week

“Drifting in and out of one’s consciousness, its delicate textures repay closer listening”
Real Time

Track Listing

1. Mystery Sentence
2. Inventor VS Invention
3. The Translucent
4. If You Could Go Anywhere
5. Inventor VS Invention (Automotive replay)
6. Component Curve (Ai Yamamoto replay)
7. Pretty Girl Megamix! (Shimmer replay)
8. Mystery Sentence (Kazumichi Grime replay)

Originally released in 2002

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