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CA029: Disco Stu | An Englishman In Ibiza

Disco Stu has donned a fake-afro for An Englishman in Ibiza, following up his 1999 debut Adult Themes with a tech-disco carnival in a seriously flowery shirt. With An Englishman In Ibiza Disco Stu couples mangled disco cut-ups and latin-infused beats with romping basslines and wicked humour, bringing forth a collection of funky tunes that will get you reaching for your diamante studded platforms and purple velour flares. An Englishman In Ibiza features remixes by 5000 Fingers of Dr T, Andy Rantzen and General Electrik, and a naughty video from 5000 Fingers of Dr T’s ever-prolific Jasper Russell.

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Most requested track, ‘Super Request’ on Australian radio Triple J FM

“Putting the fun back in funk, Disco Stu’s ‘An Englishman In Ibiza’ is the ideal winter warmer for Aussies lamenting the forthcoming frosty season”
Sub-Strata Records

“Clever and naughty in the right parts”

Track Listing

1. An Englishman in Ibiza
2. An American in Copenhagen
3. Radio Gas
4. An Australian in Majorca
5. Motortown
6. Motortown (5000 Fingers of Dr T remix)
7. An Enlishman in Ibiza (General Electrik‘s Spanish Fly Mix)
8. An Enlishman in Ibiza (Andy Rantzen Mix)
9. An Enlishman in Ibiza (Disco Stu Mix)

Originally released in 2002

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