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CA028: Solid Gold: Cognition Four | Various Artists

Clan Analogue is proud to announce the release of Solid Gold, a 32 carat extravaganza featuring funky tunes from some of Australia’s leading dance acts. With stand out tracks from Disco Stu, Ubin, Itchee and Scratchee, Artificial vs DJ Toupee, Bleepin’ J Squawkins, Telafonica, B(if)tek, Bubble & Squeak, 5000 Fingers of Dr T vs Pempeck, Andy Rantzen meets General Electrik, Telemetry Orchestra, Meem, Nerve Agent and Cindii; Solid Gold will soon be finding its way to bargain bins in record stores all over Australia.

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Following up the success of Clan Analogue’s previous ‘20 Disco Greats’ compilation (nominated for ‘best compilation’ at the inaugural Dance Music Awards), ‘Solid Gold’ is a shiny, 32 carat quality CD release featuring tunes from around Australia, compiled by Clan Analogue’s Label Manager, Gordon Finlayson.

“Packed with funky beats and electro disco sounds aimed at getting us to shake it on the dance floor”
Inpress Magazine

“A trashy electro feel rather than just straight out disco”
3D World

Track Listing

1. Disco Stu l An Australian in Majorca
2. Ubin l My Sharona
3. Itch-e & Scratch-e l Everybody Get on the Floor
4. Pempek vs 5000 Fingers of Dr T l 5000 Pempeks
5. Bubble & Squeak l Respect Electro
6. General Electrik + Andy Rantzen l Leather Lover
7. Nerve Agent l Electrostupid
8. Artificial and DJ Toupee l Any Ladies?
9. Bleepin’ J Squawkins l The Devil Made me do it Backwards (edit)
10. B(if)tek l Sound and Space (Extended Mix)
11. Cindii l The Robot
12. Telafonica l Paris Bell
13. 5000 Fingers of Dr T l Sweet Synthetic Girl
14. Meem l Fuuirm Up
15. Telemetry Orchestra l Children Stay Free

Originally released in 2001

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