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CA027: Pear Shaped | Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped is the new project from Sydney based producer, ANDY FITZGERALD. The man behind legendary underground dub-electronic act, ATONE, has returned with a new album that fuses smooth dub, drum’n’bass and hip hop with a number of new collaborators.

JODI PHILLIS – vocalist, guitarist and songwriter with The Clouds and The Dearhunters. For the Pear Shaped project, Jodi worked on the tracks ‘On the Run’, ‘The Garden’ and ‘Don’t Look at Me’, adding her complex and haunting lyrical style to Andy’s dub-electronic influences.

KYE – Sydney based MC, singer and songwriter Kye has developed a strong reputation for his soulful and cutting edge vocals. Kye has appeared on releases by Kate Ceberano, The Rockmelons, Tim Finn’s Mantra Experience and is part of the ‘Wicked Beat Sound System’ collective. On the Pear Shaped CD, Kye appears on the tracks ‘Hole in My Shoe’, ‘99 Baskay’ and ‘Don’t Look at Me’.

SERENA GARTNER – New Zealand singer songwriter Serena Gartner sings on the track ‘Room’, with her tasty vocal style providing a smooth compliment to this upbeat drum’n’bass track.

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Track Listing

1. Sunny Day
2. Hole In My Shoe
3. Stone
4. Everything In The room
5. 99 Baskay
6. Funky Bass
7. On The Run
8. Love 3
9. The Garden
10. Don’t Look At Me
11. Lo-fi Gu
12. Sunny Day (Reprise)

Originally released in 2001

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