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CA025: Cognition Three | Various Artists

Cognition 3 is another deviant beat-based sound journey from Clan Analogue and an extraordinary excursion into electronica audio bliss of the purest form. Compiled jointly by Melbourne’s DJ Toupee and Sydney electronic artist Kazumichi Grime, Cognition 3 spans the modulated madness of 8-Bit to the introspective groove of Sobriquet, the deep bass melancholia of Pretty Boy Crossover to the corporate tech-house of Futile Sound of Brunswick. Cognition 3 is a classic snapshot showcasing the most forward-looking dance music styles at the turn of the millennium.

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“Cognition 3 offers a well-timed sweeping survey of the schematic meanderings of Australia’s electronica finest as they process and synthesise the latest beats on the street”

Track Listing

1. Genlevel l Paranoious
2. Suspect l The Space Bar
3. Dark Network l Hypothermic Polka No.2
4. 5000 Fingers of Dr T l The Fluid Envelope
5. Stalker l Unknown Track
6. 8-bit l Leiwand
7. Null Object l Modern Swank
8. Futile Sound of Brunswick l Limited Demonstration of War
9. Sobriquet vs Toupee l Skyline
10. Disco Stu l Menace
11. Mutante Frequante l Sit Down Money
12. Atone l Do Do Do
13. Pretty Boy Crossover l Inventor VS Invention
14. Globe l Toowong in Slavery
15. Nerve Agent l Alien Jungle Planet – original mix
16. Deepchild l Through a Glass Darkly
17. Sasquelch l Daryl Braithwaite has Scabs
18. Ubin l Willow
19. Meem l Biceals3
20. Tetraphnm l Geese
21. Telemetry Orchestra l Erotic Helsinki
22. Kazumichi Grime l Fracture
23. Clone l Early
24. dirtymouse l Worker and Parasite

Originally released in 2000

2 thoughts on “CA025: Cognition Three | Various Artists”

  1. Track 1-09 is listed as Toupee vs Artificial on the back and inlay of the CD. So which one is correct?

  2. You must have a promo copy of the album. There was a misprint of the artist name for this track however the promos had already gone out. The correct artist is as listed in the track-listing above.

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