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Sample pure analogue genius: Winduptoys

Heard enough sensitive glitch-pop yawns cooked up by yet another kid with a laptop and a bunch of soft-synths? Then return to an age when technology was real technology, knobs were real knobs and plug-ins were really plugged in!

Combine one-third chill-out textures more spacious than the 5th dimension, one-third dub grooves deeper than a black hole, one-third walls-of-sound more solid than solidified platinum and one third bleep-rock signals beamed into space as evidence of human intelligence. Robert ‘Bo’ Boehm and Jeremy C Smith are the pieces that make up the puzzle that is Winduptoys.

Winduptoys formed in the early years of the 21st century, the meeting of two great musicians, studio producers and live sound engineers, Robert Boehm (Bo) and Jeremy C Smith. Bo is already well-known in the Melbourne live scene for his legendary psychedelic industrial band Clowns Smiling Backwards, while Jeremy is occasionally seen with Melbourne alternative pop band Tugboat. Both of them can also be spotted hunched behind mixing desks or turntables in live venues, clubs and studios throughout inner-Melbourne.

Their debut album Double Exposure includes collaborations with like-minded musical iconoclasts Psyburbia, Koshowko and Reductionist. Their common passion for gadgets, devices, toys and accidental technologies has enabled Winduptoys to emerge from their studio with the great new hope of Australian electronic music. Peak through the studio window during the legendary Double Exposure sessions and you would have observed electricity, diodes, filters, oscillators, feedback loops, reverse phasing, tape machines, voltage, modified grooveboxes and more, all working towards the glorious cause of sound itself.

Sample pure analogue genius: Double Exposure, the new album from Winduptoys.

CA044: Intone | Various Artists
CA037X: Winduptoys | Xmas Cut-Ups
CA042T: Tiatto | Full Moon
CA041: Headspace l Various Artists
CA038: Re Cognition l Various Artists
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA036K: Koshowko l Promise
CA037: Winduptoys l Double Exposure
CA037A: Winduptoys l Switch On
CA036: Clan Analogue In Version l Various Artists
CA036B: Inverted l Various Artists
CA032: Defocus / Various Artists
CAM06: Sampled Synthesis 6 l Various Artists
CAM05: Sampled Synthesis 5 l Various Artists

CAM04: Sampled Synthesis 4 l Various Artists
CAM03: Sampled Synthesis 3 l Various Artists
CAM02: Sampled Synthesis 2 l Various Artists
CAM01: Sampled Synthesis 1 l Various Artists

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