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Originally hailing from Canberra, B(if)tek were Nicole Skeltys and Kate Crawford, producing infectiously funky, groovy tunes inspired by analogue electronics, b-grade movies and the films of Jean-Luc Goddard.

Anticipating the electro tsunami of the last decade, B(if)tek were amongst the original “Geek Girls”, making cutting edge dancefloor tunes with their vast collection of sound-generating machines and immaculate wardrobes.

Since the release of their acclaimed album Frequencies Will Move Together in 2003, B(if)tek’s Nicole Skeltys and Kate Crawford have each been busy with their own projects. Nicole Skeltys has been residing in the USA as an artist-in-residence with Pittsburgh Filmmakers, recently releasing the album Larceny of Love with her new psychedelic electronic act The Jilted Brides. Kate works in academia and produces minimal electronica with Clone. She wrote the book ‘Adult Themes’ and hosted the ABC TV experimental music series ‘Set’.

Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists
CA038B: B(if)tek | We Think You’re Dishy (Remixes EP)
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA030: Solid Gold | Various Artists
CA020: Twenty Disco Greats | Various Artists
CA014: Cognition | Various Artists
CAC01: Schizmatrix | Various Artists

B(if)tek website
Nicole Skeltys website
Kate Crawford website

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