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CA020: Twenty Disco Greats: Cognition Two | Various Artists

Get out of your purple Charger and into those denim flares for a disco journey into the funky beyond. Clan Analogue’s Cognition 2 ’20 Disco Greats’ is taking Australian electronica into realms of dancefloor insanity.

Dipping deep into the Disco ghetto of funky beats and smooth basslines, ’20 Disco Greats’ is a fusion of seventies sensibilities mixed with nineties underground production. ’20 Disco Greats’ is the sequel to Clan Analogue’s 1997 Cognition compilation and takes the dancefloor sounds of its predecessor to new groovy heights. Featuring trashy disco tunes from B(if)tek, Artificial, the Telemetry Orchestra, Disco Stu, Genlevel, BooBoo and Mace, Andy Rantzen, Toby Neal, Dark Network, Clone, Jasper Van Patterntangle, Lush Puppy vs 8-Bit and Meem.

1999 Australian Dance Music Awards nominee for Best Compilation

Track Listing

1. Jasper Van Patterntangle l Chocolate Jelly
2. Disco Stu l Disco Asylum
3. Telemetry Orchestra l Freakout USA
4. Boo Boo & Mace l Boo’s Your Friend
5. B(if)tek l We Think You’re Dishy
6. Andy Rantzen l The Hub
7. Jon Wicks l The Comedown
8. Artificial l That Tingling Feeling
9. Clone l Disco Panther’s Escape
10. Genlevel l My Baby Won’t Boogie No More
11. Lush Puppy vs 8-bit l Take My Soul
12. Meem l Ubooty
13. Toby Neal l Shameless
14. Dark Network l After Hours

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Originally released in 1999

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