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CA019: Telemetry Orchestra | Live Better Electrically

Live better electrically is the debut album from The Telemetry Orchestra. Consisting of three of Sydney’s most prodigious electronic aesthetes, Steve Scott (super-talented illustrator and part-time sample fiend), Andrew Jones (new media guru/trash dub fanatic) and Gavin Angus-Leppan (general practitioner and manic cubase programmer), with this album the Telemetry Orchestra delivers some of the most sublimely intricate textures and rhythms you’re ever likely to hear.

Telemetry Orchestra are an underground dance-indie crossover sensation. Forming in Sydney 1997 amidst a blur of krafty electronica and space rock experimentation, Telemetry Orchestra utilise vintage analogue keyboards, old space echoes, guitar, bass and digital instruments to create lush textures, melodic grooves and soporific pop. Their debut album Live Better Electrically combines funk grooves with deep analogue synthesis in a new form of spaced-out electro-lounge. Since this release Telemetry Orchestra have released two more acclaimed albums and won awards for their innovative filmclips.

“Nomadic patterns of jigsaw beats and soundscapes, ever-shifting, everywhere then nowhere… it’s exhaustively diverse, and all good.”
Rolling Stone

“Bringing on board dub, trip-hop, electro, krautrock and hip-hop elements, the end result is accomplished and truly groovy.”


Track Listing

1. Pearloid
2. Swingers International
3. Hydrocarbon Party
4. Shizuma Drive
5. Tibetan Surf Movie
6. Audioplastique
7. Confused Muscles
8. Man Behind the Sun
9. Newborn Insect
10. Twitch Kid

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Originally released in 1998

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