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CA017: Jaunt II | Various Artists

Jaunt 2 is the second journey from Clan Analogue into the deep bass inside us all. It’s a loose collection of sounds, rhythms and beats that will work its way in through your ears and out through your mind.

Following on from Clan Analogue’s popular Jaunt compilation, Jaunt 2 updated the series with a throbbing journey through drum’n’bass, dub, trip hop and downbeat grooves. With tracks by Australian electro-funk luminaries such as Artificial, Telemetry Orchestra, Atone and Deepchild, this is an excellent way to relive the greatest club sounds of the late 90s.

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Track List

1. Dormative Hypothesis l stereo
2. Atone l El Dorado
3. Hypnoblob l Spaghetti Dub
4. Artificial l Skagg’s Drug Centre (24 hr mix)
5. Dormative Hypothesis l laughter
6. Telemetry Orchestra l Shizuma Drive
7. Negative America l Directed Energy Weapon
8. Dormative Hypothesis l think and remember
9. Alphabug l Dim Transit
10. Deepchild l Fight the Powers with Tea
11. Professor Stanislovski l Dr E-Love
12. Rekindle l Unlock Your Fuck Cages
13. 5000 Fingers of Dr T l Jus Ta Mo Ment
14. Homogolous Fent l Eternal Fireplace
15. foBik l Black Monday
16. Dormative Hypothesis l why?

Originally released in 1998

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  1. what was the date of release of this compilation? There’s no date on the cd nor slick that I can see.
    Chris Spencer, Who’s Who of Australian Rock

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