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CA022: Disco Stu | Adult Themes

Following the split of anarchist techno collective Non-Bossy Posse, Sydney experimental sound artist Ian Andrews had already deviated from radio soundscape work into the world of dub grooves via his Hypnoblob project. However it was Disco Stu that propelled him forwards into a futuristic kinetic disco mindmeld of groove and sonic force with this classic debut album, Adult Themes. Disco Stu’s Adult Themes is a minimalist conglomeration of mangled disco samples, sparse electronics and driving basslines.

Disco Stu is the latest incarnation of Ian Andrews who has been producing electronic and experimental music in Sydney since 1982: from the early experimental tape loops and industrial rhythms of The Horse He’s Sick, Cut with the Kitchen Knife, and Kurt Volentine in the early eighties, to the structured chaos of Non Bossy Posse in the early nineties, and more recently the dub and cut-up jungle breaks of Hypnoblob.

The Disco Stu project is a step back towards the minimalism of his earlier work, typically a conglomeration of mangled disco samples with sparse electronics and driving basslines. With ‘Adult Themes’ Andrews breaks out of the drum’n’bass loop and heads straight towards the dancefloor with a collection of driving, funky tunes that will get you reaching for your diamante studded platforms and purple velour flares.

Track Listing

1. Adult Themes (intro)
2. 5:4
3. Fancy Dancers
4. Together
5. Hypnotize
6. Oblong
7. Xtropian
8. Pitchblende
9. Roast Preacher
10. Sexpol
11. Acetone
12. God id dead
13. Theme from Zeroville

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Originally released in 1999

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