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CA023: Nerve Agent | G-Type Nerve Agent

Staking out the area between fucked-up dub and funked-up techno with a dash of house thrown in, G-Type Nerve Agent is the debut release from Sydney-based electronic leisuremeister Nerve Agent. Nerve Agent is the latest project from electronic music veteran Scot McPhee, a former member of Now:Zero from 1991 to 1996 and more latterly known as Victor X-Ray. As well as producing his own music, Scot McPhee has compiled several classic Clan Analogue compilation albums, including Aphelion One and Clan Analogue In Version.

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G-TYPE NERVE AGENT contains 12 tracks — 8 original tracks by Nerve Agent and 4 remixes by Telemetry Orchestra, Disco Stu, Atone, and Sobriquet. The CD is attractively packaged in a “Digipack”, styled by Rachel Honnery in a maximum-danger red chemical-warfare scheme
Stylistically G-TYPE NERVE AGENT occupies the area between fucked-up dub and funked-up techno with house influences. The remixes explore areas as diverse as the funkadelics of Atone, the lush textures that are the Telemetry Orchestra, mind-warping dub-o-phonics from Disco Stu, and the stripped back grooves of Sobriquet.

“A wild and enigmatic excursion in the world of pulsating electronic sound”
MSN Music

Track Listing

1. Alien Jungle Planet
2. Amphibian Preset
3. Bassborg
4. That’s Stupendous
5. Sweet Analyticks
6. Frisky Fixed It
7. Frisky Fixed It (Atone Mix)
8. Alien Jungle Planet (Disco Stu Dub)
9. Sweet Analyticks (Telemetry Orchestra Mix)
10. Amphibian Preset (Sobriquet Mix)
11. Amphibian Minimalist
12. The Seasick Sailor Sees the Seizured Sea

Originally released in 2000

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