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CA-C01: Schizmatrix | Various Artists

Another in the Studio Series of cassettes released by Clan Analogue in the mid-nineties, Schizmatrix is one of the rarest collections in Australian electronic music, collecting together a selection of early tracks by some of Australian techno’s leading names. With classic early tracks by Infusion, B(if)tek, Dark Network and others, this album is of immense interest to any afficionado of this musical era.

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1. SMERSH l Booster
2. Andy l Evaredy
3. Infusion l Asylum
4. Dark Network l Jooces
5. B(if)tek l They Oscillate
6. Holy Terra l Propaganda
7. Telharmoneom l Spectrum Analyzer
8. Nanotech l TG Song

Originally released in 1995

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