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CA-M01: Sampled Synthesis 1 | Various Artists

Sampled Synthesis 1 showcases the work of Clan Analogue’s Melbourne artists. The collection features a diverse selection of upbeat work, including the first recording by Winduptoys, a little-heard early track from Pretty Boy Crossover and obscure yet brilliant artists like Tetrphnm.


1. Continuum l Structure
2. Tetrphnm l Untitled
3. Pretty Boy Crossover l Dekoi
4. AKM l Want You
5. Evan on Earth l Don’t Delay
6. My Name Is Gus l Don’t Push It
7. Captains of Industry l Miso, Your Food Is Here
8. Zog l Untitled
9. Purple World l Mooph
10. Winduptoys l Loud and Clear
11. City Frequencies l Dawn

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Originally released in 2000

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