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CA-M02: Sampled Synthesis 2 | Various Artists

Sampled Synthesis 2 is another promotional release from Clan Analogue’s Melbourne artists. Collecting together a selection of the more ambient and atmospheric tracks from Clan Analogue Melbourne studios, Sampled Synthesis 2 has a mix of haunting and contemplative sounds perfect for that 3am timeslot.

Track Listing:

1. Kaputnik l Gundark
2. Reductionist l Space Is Music
3. Evan on Earth l It’s Never Nothing Making a Noise
4. Winduptoys vs Clowns Smiling Backwards l Maze (ver.2)
5. AKM l Mental
6. Double Happiness l De Inch
7. City Frequencies l City Frog
8. Pretty Boy Crossover l Imica
9. Bunsen Honeydew l Wedded Bliss
10. Tolchok l Snow Waltz

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Originally released in 2001

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