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CA-M03: Sampled Synthesis 3 | Various Artists

Sampled Synthesis volume 3 continues to whet the appetite of the groove deprived listener. For volume 3, Clan Analogue have put together a selection of recent recordings perfect for those Summer afternoons spent drinking gin’n’tonics whilst hanging out in one of those new trendy bars around town.

Track Listing:

Kaputnik l Dropkick the Pimp
One man, his gramophone, a sampler and his single-malt take on the world.
Columryme l Same Diff
The vibe on the streets, coming to you straight from South Melbourne.
City Frequencies l City Break
The sounds of the Melbourne CBD adapted and remixed into a collage of beats, ambience and craquelure.
Klej Butapren l Tranzytzya
Mr Minimal presents a phonic menage a trois of glitch, beat and melody.
Bubble’n’Squeak l Gargamel
Melbourne’s new electro wunderkinds perpetuate another slice of sonic mischief and auditory phenomena.
Zog l Ether
An elegy for those legendary Sunday nights at Alia Bar.
Toupee vs Other People’s Children l Seedy Films
Soft Cell’s classic is given a makeover using looped beats and casio chords with abandon.
Continuum l Transient Drift
Electronic’n’western as theorised, extrapolated, refined and amalgamated into rhythmic and tonal quanta by n-Entropy and g-Quantum.
Clowns Smiling Backwards l Sombre
A new abstract groove from the masters of psychedelic dub themselves.
Angelpuss vs Winduptoys l Tidal Groove
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
Zog l Floating Funk
More minimal techno from the Detroit wannabe.
Evan on Earth l Home Made Analogue Jam
Back from his German sabbatical, Evan seeks to reclaim his mantle.
Old Des Peres l Elapsed Time
Kynan Robinson explore the notes between the notes with some processed trombone and electronica.

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Originally released in 2002

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