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CA-S01: Clan Recordable | Various Artists

Clan Recordable was a promotional release commemorating the 2002 tenth anniversary of Clan Analogue. Compiled by 2SER’s Jonathan Sykes, Clan Recordable is a catchy and upbeat collection forming a snapshot of Australian electronic artists active in the early part of the decade.

Download from Bandcamp
Download from Bandcamp


1. Dr (Y)en l Catch 2-2
2. Mstar l Hohn
3. Deepchild vs FourPlay l Gypsy Scream (Live@Electronic)
4. Zog l Rainbow Serpent Chill Jam 6
5. Nerve Agent l Rapid Fire Automatic Galaxy Gramophone
6. Deprogram l Slip Up
7. Doc Benway l Sharpened Stick Insect
8. Pempek l Chang-ka-Chang
9. Evan on Earth l Death-Trap
10. Null Object l Swog
11. Professor Core-X l Concrete Escapism

Originally released in 2001

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