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CA038D: Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Video Collection

As part of the new three-disc set Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection, Clan Analogue have produced a limited-edition companion DVD, containing 29 filmclips, the new documentary Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On, the influential 1995 VHS release Clan Analogue Live at the Goethe Institut, some bonus historical essays and a discography. The DVD provides an audio and visual snapshot of the early days of the Clan Analogue collective until today and tells a story of electronic music in Australia.

Buy CDs and DVD from Waterfront Records
Buy CDs and DVD from Waterfront Records

The DVD contains all the filmclips made for tracks on Clan Analogue releases, going back to the 1990s with early clips by acts such as Deepchild and Telemetry Orchestra through to more recent ones from Bleepin’ J Squawkins and Winduptoys. There are also selected filmclips from Clan Analogue artists’ independent releases, such as B(if)tek’s Frequencies Will Move Together album or Koshowko’s Anarchy Monarchy EP.

Video clips:
1. Continuum | Neurosis [Radio Edit] [from Pre-Sense [CA021] released 1998]
2. Telemetry Orchestra | Swingers International [from Live Better Electrically [CA019] released 1999]
3. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Mr Love Bass [from Buttsqueezer [CA024] released 2000]
4. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Elastic Scissors [from Buttsqueezer [CA024] released 2000]
5. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Funk Police [from Buttsqueezer [CA024] released 2000]
6. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Buttsqueezer [from Buttsqueezer [CA024] released 2000]
7. 5000 Fingers of Dr T | Barbequed Crickets [from Buttsqueezer [CA024] released 2000]
8. Deepchild | Rachel’s Meadow [from Hymns From Babylon [CA026] released 2000]
9. Toupee vs Sobriquet | Skyline [from Cognition 3 [CA025] released 2000]
10. Artificial & DJ Toupee | Any Ladies? [from Solid Gold [CA028] released 2001]
11. Double Happiness | De-Inch [from Sampled Synthesis 2 [CAM02] released 2001]
12. Pear Shaped | Hole In My Shoe [from Pear Shaped [CA027] released 2001]
13. Pempek vs 5000 Fingers of Dr T | 5000 Pempeks [from Solid Gold [CA028] released 2001]
14. Pretty Boy Crossover | Imica [from Sampled Synthesis 2 [CAM02] released 2001]
15. Clowns Smiling Backwards | Sombre (Resonance Mix) [from Sampled Synthesis 3 [CAM03] released 2002]
16. Disco Stu | An Englishman in Ibiza [from An Englisman in Ibiza [CA029] released 2002]
17. Artificial | Macrame [from Libraries Are Fun released 2002]
18. B(if)tek | Unisex [from Frequencies Will Move Together released 2003]
19. Carrier | Maddox (5000 Fingers of Dr T Remix) [from The Foley Artists released 2003]
20. Fluffy T Bunny| Symbols of Immodesty [from Defocus [CA032] released 2003]
21. Bleepin’ J Squawkins | Minerva Moog part 1 [from Floppydisco [CA035] released 2004]
22. General Electrik | What You’re Doin’ [from Doppler Shift [CA034] released 2004]
23. Deprogram | This Is That [from Inverted [CA036B] released 2006]
24. Koshowko | Promise (Winduptoys Over Here Mix) [from Clan Analogue In Version [CA036] released 2006]
25. Koshowko | They Are The Law [from Payola 2 released 2006]
26. Winduptoys | ghostDUB [from Double Exposure [CA037] released 2006]
27. Winduptoys & Koshowko | Switched On [from Double Exposure [CA037] released 2006]
28. B(if)tek | We Think You’re Dishy [Koshowko Remix] [from We Think You’re Dishy [CA038B] released 2010]
29. Koshowko | Promise [from Promise [CA036K] released 2007]
30. Koshowko | It’s Time Now [from Anarchy Monarchy released 2008]
31. Koshowko | The Story (Artificial Wrinkle Rhythm Remix) [from Anarchy Monarchy released 2008]

Clan Analogue Live at the Goethe Institut, Sydney
25th of March, 1994
Imagery: Emile Rasheed, James McParlane & Adam Pierce
Sounds: Scot Art, Kazumichi Grime, Brendan Palmer & Anthony Banister

Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On
A new documentary produced by Manikin and Elevator Productions in conjunction with Clan Analogue

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