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Artificial is the solo artist name for Nicole Skeltys, an Australian musician, composer and producer who has released eleven albums, in styles ranging from electronica to psychedelic folk, rock and country. Along the way, she has also written songs and soundtracks for film, TV and theatre – from world beats for Lonely Planet TV travel series to chamber music atmospheres for Parisian fashion shows.

Nicole was one half of electronic duo B(if)tek, described as ‘Australia’s greatest electronic music innovators’. Later she formed the psychedelic folk band Dust. More recently she formed The Jilted Brides with video artist and singer Tanya Andrea Stadelmann.

Since November 2008, Nicole has been an artist in residence at Pittsburgh Filmmakers/ Arts Center in the US.

Artificial’s music can be described as “funky-acid-electro-lounge”. Check out the two Artificial albums ‘Electro Lollipop Explosion’ and ‘Libraries Are Fun’.

CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA028: Solid Gold | Various Artists
CA020: Twenty Disco Greats | Various Artists
CA014: Cognition | Various Artists

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