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CA021: Pre-Sense: A Convergence of Southern Harmonic Waves | Various Artists

Originally released in 1998, Pre-Sense compiles the work of the collective’s Melbourne artists. With a slant towards psychedelic sounds, hints of acid and tripped-out sonic experiments, Pre-Sense captured the mood of Victoria’s famous forest rave parties, keeping the beats reverberating until dawn while the chill-out zone emanates tones from just over the hill.

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Track Listing

1. Moo l lol
2. Purple World l Dawn
3. The Spartacus Barraworn l Dyda Spyda
4. Bean l Theremin
5. Moo l Moniker
6. signal <-> noise l ?????
7. Continuum l Neurosis
8. DoSE l Upfield
9. SS Spanky l dogs dinner/antstread
10. Seo l Agolania
11. Dada Tribe #373 l Merchants of Junk

Originally released in 1998

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