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CA026: Deepchild | Hymns From Babylon

Hymns From Babylon is the debut album release from internationally renowned electronica artist Deepchild, now part-time Berlin resident. An eclectic and highly diverse album of experimental breaks, analogue blips and dirty bass-laden grooves, Hymns From Babylon is the stellar result of many years of composition, live performance and studio noodlings. Richly textured post-ambient sound-scapes meld effortlessly with dub-infused space effects, scratchy acid-machine bytes and layered funk excursions. To add further flavour to an already remarkable brew, Hymns From Babylon includes 3 bonus remixes from acclaimed Clan Analogue artists, nu-disko minimalist Meem and archetypal analogue swingers Clone.

Track Listing

1. Ippei Knows
2. Yak Secret Technology
3. Babylon’s Confusion
4. Conspiracies in a quiet room
5. A remnant of Israel
6. The Third Day
7. Monophonic Car
8. Rachel’s Meadow
9. Nomads Awaiting Zion
10. Wodrem Slekcar Pt 1 (Meem reemix)
11. Wodrem Slekcar Pt 2 (Meem reemix)
12. Nomads Awaiting Cloning (Clone remix)

Originally released in 2000

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