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CA009: Holy Terra and Nanotech | Music For Aliens

Music For Aliens was originally a cassette-only release with Sydney acts Holy Terra and Nanotech taking a side each.

Holy Terra was the first project from Michael Westcot, combining electric viola with digital and analogue technologies, producing a distinctly organic and free form sound ranging from hard tech-trance to chilled downbeat ambience. Holy Terra later metamorphosed into Terra 9, moving to New Zealand where Westcot’s style moved into breaks and beyond, releasing further albums to critical worldwide acclaim.

Nanotech was a collaboration between James McParlane and Anthony Banister, exploring visual and aural dimensions through the electronic medium. Anthony Banister later explored other electronic music styles with acts such as Eidolon, The Flow, Galactic Gangstars and Lunar Module.

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Track listing

1. Holy Terra l Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector
2. Holy Terra l Antenna
3. Holy Terra l Night
4. Holy Terra l Progression
5. Holy Terra l In Some Cases…
6. Holy Terra l Words
7. Nanotech l Crisp Edit
8. Nanotech l Tiger
9. Nanotech l Mastitisis
10. Nanotech l Morphogenisis
11. Nanotech l HZ
12. Nanotech l Malachis Night Walk
13. Nanotech l Side Winder
14. Nanotech l Doop
15. Nanotech l Prairie

Originally released in 1994

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