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CA006E: Clan Analogue Melbourne | Various Artists

Capturing perfectly the 7am vibe at 1990s Victorian forest raves such as Earthcore and Technofest, this was the first exclusively Melbourne release from Clan Analogue. Clan Analogue Melbourne was a cassette-only collection of ambient electronic sounds and subtle grooves. Included are tracks by electro-groovers Moo, soundscape artist Seo and chill-out act The Spartacus Barraworn.

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Track listing

1. Mandist l Ana K Freak
2. The Dark One l Yesterday’s Future
3. Moo l 7am
4. Moo l The Sun
5. Seo l Namaste
6. The Spartacus Barraworn l Forest of Dreams
7. Jon Holdsworth & Robin Mai l The Haunted Coast
8. On Knees Facing West l symbol

Originally released in 1994

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