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CA006: Atone | Atonement

The first single artist release from Clan Analogue was this seminal debut album by Sydney dub act Atone. Atone began when ex-pat Brit Andy Fitzgerald came to Australia and met up with Ali Omar, forming one of the leading exponents of dub electronica in Australia during the 90s. Atonement was originally released by Clan Analogue on cassette in 1994, with a significantly reworked version of the album later released on CD by Zonar Recordings in 1996, preceding Atone’s 1998 CD release Crucified, Stitched Up & Then Some.

“Atone have crafted magic here with a listenable opus awash with a fusion of styles so complete, it’s likely to become a definitive style itself”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Atone at its core is primal swampy funk”
Rolling Stone

“If you want to explore the wonders of new electronica hereabouts, ‘Atonement’ is the key”
3D World

Track listing

1. Hope Afro
2. Burundi
3. Fly Away Afro
4. Never Be Free
5. Occupation Dub
6. BBC 1
7. Dublife
8. Lost & Found
9. Hot Knife
10. Your the One

Originally released in 1994

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