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CA037P: Winduptoys | Switch On

winduptoys switch ON!

The winduptoys debut single “Switch ON” is a slice of pure analogue genius in a vein unheard since Brian Eno last jammed with Jimi Hendrix in an alternative universe while Massive Attack and Primal Scream took notes. Feel the electricity coursing through your veins, the data vibrating through your nerve endings. Take your Melbourne new rock mp3 collections and dispose of them in the Recycle Bin. Leave your Café Del Mar CDs in the middle of the road, to be bit-crunched by the winduptoys perpetual motion machine. It is time to Switch ON!

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Download from Bandcamp

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winduptoys formed in the early years of the 21st century, the meeting of two great musicians, studio producers and live sound engineers, Robert Boehm and Jeremy Smith. Acclaimed contributions to the earlier Clan Analogue release Defocus and the new dub compilation Clan Analogue In Version have already demonstrated winduptoys’ unique alchemic ability to use gadgets, devices, toys and accidental technologies in the glorious cause of sound itself.

Track Listing

1. Switch On (radio/video edit)
2. Switched On (Koshowko alternate mix)
3. windupDUB (exotica mix)
4. Switch On (album version)
5. windup!

Originally released in 2006

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