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CA036K: Koshowko | Promise

Clan Analogue is pleased to present Promise, the debut single from Melbourne’s electronic skank-pop outfit Koshowko. ‘Promise’ was first heard in a version remixed by Winduptoys on the Clan Analogue compilation In Version: Dub Selections, its WWI-inspired filmclip seen regularly on Rage and Youtube. ‘Promise’ is now available as an EP with a bunch of different mixes.

In addition to the title track, Promise showcases the recent ‘Whispers and Stories’, along with ‘Promise (Vocoded)’ and its three remixes by fellow Clan Analogue artists Winduptoys and Lunar Module. The tracks on Promise will chill your very core, whilst spreading a tiger-balm warmth over your skin…

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A heartfelt vocal performance from Japan’s Ryohei Iwasaki gives ‘Promise’ its plaintive, haunting quality, while quite possibly the man with the lushest voice in town, Arnie, places lyrics like glowing embers on the dub/reggae influenced ‘Whispers and Stories’.

Winduptoys brings their old-skool voltage and various other home-grown technologies to the track, masterfully reworking ‘Promise’ into two sublime mixes – ‘Over There’ and ‘Over Here’. Sydney artist Ant Banister (Lunar Module) gets down and dirty with fat beats and plenty o’ reverb in his sinister dub remix.

Hailing originally from Poland via stints in Iceland and Germany, electronic music duo Koshowko have successfully infiltrated Australia’s borders with a mix of jazzy breaks, underground skank-pop and electro-dub. The results are now being deservedly heard straight out of Melbourne in clubs and on radio waves throughout the land, a winning blend of disco beats, funk basslines, spacious ambient sounds and melodies earmarked for a 22nd century classic hits radio station.

Track Listing

1. Promise
2. Whispers and Stories
3. Promise (Winduptoys Over There Mix)
4. Promise (Vocoded)
5. Promise (Lunar Module Dub Crater Mix)
6. Promise (Winduptoys Over Here Mix)

Originally released in 2007

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