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CA001: Clan Analogue EP 1 | Various Artists

This was Clan Analogue’s first ever release, put together by the collective in Sydney shortly after forming in 1992 and originally released on limited edition blue vinyl only. Featuring 6 tracks, the EP spans a range of early 90s techno styles, from acid to trance to IDM and beyond. There’s even some proto-trip-hop and a bit of crazy musique concrete percussion. Something for everyone! Notable names here include Telharmoneum featuring Clan Analogue founders Brendan Palmer (later to run the Zonar label and the Uber Linga nights in Melbourne and Sydney) and Toby Grime (later to create many notable sound art works as Kazumichi Grime) and a track by Oceania aka Jamie Stevens, later to found techno act Infusion. All in all, a free-flowing compilation of dance tracks and exotic sound sculpture.

“Anyway, I put on that piece of blue vinyl and heard some nice analogue techno with a bit of a ravey/druggy aesthetic. It did have an agreeably fat sound, no question. It sounded pretty good after a spliff. So I gave them their due – they were alright, they had some talent. Besides, they were obviously cooler than Volition, the label we were on at the time.”
Andy Rantzen

1. Puzzle l Industrial Bliss
2. Telharmoneom l Listen to the Earth
3. Oceania l Ascend
4. Xtrovert l Vinyl Sadist
5. Swalbr l Organic
6. Alistair l Portrait of a Crazed Society

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